Suicide Squad

With Deadpool, Marvel pitched a real game changer in the superhero genre as R rated content added more fun and freshness to a category that was facing burnout. Suicide Squad from DC in a way is a similar attempt to entertain the audience with that kind of badass fun elements. Even after having four to five baddies in the character list, Suicide Squad just isn’t entertaining and for a majority of its runtime it was a bit uninteresting.

The plot here deals with the formation of a task force after the incidents we see in the last Zack Snyder movie, Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice. Government official Amanda Waller has some plan to protect the important facilities of USA by making a task force of really bad people (The dialogue you hear in the trailer). Suicide Squad movie is just a 2 hour long introduction about these characters and their backdrops along with their first collective mission.

David Ayer, whose last film I saw was that realistically brutal fury gives a hurried treatment to Suicide Squad. There is nothing much amusing happening in the narrative level. The characters get introduced in the order and to be honest there is no excitement in the rendering. Except for the arrogant attitude of all the main protagonists, Suicide Squad isn’t really trying to stand out in any way. The quirks in the dialogues are the only thing that keeps the movie alive and there are definitely some laughable moments in this movie. The lack of those “wow” fan moments and the discrete dullness makes the movie look a bit tedious at times.

­Among the performers, Will Smith has done the role of Deadshot with the needed attitude. No offence to Jared Leto, there isn’t enough of Joker in the movie to make you go gaga about the performance. I really liked the performance of Margot Robbie as the insane Harley Quinn and it’s not because she is hot. There are a lot more characters in the cast who were all nice in their respective characters.

The screenplay here looks fast paced on a writing level as we get to see the heroes in action pretty quickly. But Ayer’s making is too gray and there inst any energy in this movie which should have been worthy of being called Kickass. The story written based on the DC Comics characters doesn’t really amuse you with its conflicts. The good thing about the movie is the conversations in the film which are quite a good mix of the attitude and dark back stories of our main leads. The edits required a bit more aggression. The cinematography was fine and the visual effects were decent.

So to sum it up, I would say Suicide Squad isn’t a painful experience but it is disappointing. For the fans of the comics, the pleasure of seeing those characters would be there. But otherwise it is largely underwhelming. It is not a bad film and it isn’t good one either. Kindly don’t file any petition.

Rating : 2/5

Final Thoughts

Suicide Squad isn’t a painful experience but it is disappointing. For the fans of the comics, the pleasure of seeing those characters would be there.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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