Suvarna Purushan

It’s high time Mr. Mohanlal do something about the people who wants to sell him by creating extremely tacky creations. The Vishu weekend we witnessed one lackluster attempt and this week it’s the turn of Suvarna Purushan which beats last week’s Manju Warrier starrer Mohanlal by a big margin in being mediocre. Made with absolutely zero content, this movie almost made me walk out of the theater.

Now explaining the plot of this movie is a difficult task as I want this paragraph of the review to have at least two or three sentences. There is a projector operator named Rappayi in Irinjalakkuda Mary Matha Theater which is gearing up for the release of Pulimurugan. The Wikipedia page of this movie says this is the story of Rappayi and to be honest, it is hard to find a story in this crap.

According to the logic of the film everything and anything in the world that happens for a good reason has something to do with Mohanlal the actor. Worshipping has got some sense in real life and in this reel life version of worshipping they are just applying the fan theory in everything they see. The movie’s idea is really silly and simple. Just capture the usual events inside and outside a theater on a release date. Soak it with comedy and sentiments, connect it with the legendary actor even with absurd logic and a string of that will get joined by the editor and as censor board won’t care to review the quality, we will release it as a movie.

Sunil Shakthidharan Puveily is the writer and director of the film. I would really love to know how exactly he wrote this script. Because if you have seen the movie, it feels like director just wrote scenes as he got actors to play roles. From nowhere characters are appearing and leaving. What were Sinoj Varghese and Pradeep Kottayam (along with that girl) doing in the film? There is a big freaking WHY about the inclusion of a lot of scenes. Either this movie is an editing table catastrophe or the movie makers had absolutely no idea what to shoot. At the end the supposed to be leading man Rappayi, tells us that this was the day of three people (and chooses 3 characters from the pool of characters that made no sense) and guess what? He gives the credit of that to Mohanlal (such a humble move).

It will be weird if I try to talk about the performance of each actor. Because at the end of this movie you won’t even feel that it was having an inclination towards any of the character. Innocent is struggling sometimes to carry the worshipping persona. Lena seems to have channeled her anger about the script into her performance. Talented Sreejith Ravi tries to repeat the worst version of Thuthuru. Manu’s acting as the blind guy is terrible. For the sake of pointless comedy, we have actors like Sasi Kalinga, Sunil Sukhada, Pradeep Kottayam, Biju Kuttan, Kulappulli Leela etc. in the cast.

Suvarna Purushan is by far the most absurd film I have seen this year. I can’t even say this movie may please you if you like a particular kind of movie. One of those rare moments when I wasn’t annoyed when the guy next to me started using his mobile phone.

Rating: 1/5 (for the AC inside the theater)

Final Thoughts

Suvarna Purushan is by far the most absurd film I have seen this year. I can’t even say this movie may please you if you like a particular kind of movie.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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