Pranaya Vilasam Review | An Enjoyable Drama With Scope for Refinement

Pranaya Vilasam attempts to blend tragic romances with a humorous narrative without necessarily mocking it. And to be frank, that approach makes this movie interesting. With performances of Manoj KU, Arjun Ashokan, and Anaswara Rajan creating a positive impression on the audience, Pranaya Vilasam is an enjoyable drama with scope for refinement. Suraj, an aspiring… Continue reading Pranaya Vilasam Review | An Enjoyable Drama With Scope for Refinement


A successful coverup of murder is something that we have seen in movies like Drishyam. The new Prime Reels release Guardian, directed by Prof. Satheesh Paul, has a similar nature where you don’t have any suspense. The concept here had ample scope to be an exciting idea. Still, the absolute absence of craft and the… Continue reading Guardian

Driving License

Writer Sachy has a knack to find interesting conflicts in his stories and the new movie Driving License featuring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Suraj Venjaramood is a product of identifying one such peculiar conflict. Somewhere along the line Driving License becomes a study about that fine line between ego and self-respect. Driving license is a little bit… Continue reading Driving License


Towards the climax, there is this impeccable performance of Biju Menon in the movie Anarkali that will surely make you laugh out loud because of the comedy timing the actor shows. Even after having the aid of some superb technical backup, Anarkali from Sachy can’t really establish itself as an eternal tale. With equal weightage… Continue reading Anarkali