When you make a children’s film, it is not necessary that it should only satisfy kids. We have witnessed a lot of films in the past that connect emotionally despite being a bit on the louder side. Babitha and Rinn’s Pyali intends to showcase the world of two kids with remarkable talents. But the script… Continue reading Pyali

Bro Daddy

If you were in that confused space before the release of Bro Daddy seeing the contradiction between the claims made by Prithviraj about the humor in the movie and the absence of genuine comedy in the promo content of the film, I would say you won’t feel disappointed after finishing this comedy entertainer. With color-rich… Continue reading Bro Daddy


Meppadiyan by Vishnu Mohan is a mix of clich├ęs and interesting plot twists. The story here will remind you of the family dramas prominent in Malayalam cinema almost two decades ago. Vishnu Mohan basically revamps that genre with a central conflict that is relatable to nearly all the middle-class people in society. Thus Meppadiyan becomes… Continue reading Meppadiyan


Almost 1 hour into the film Mamangam and somewhere at the beginning of the second half, we hear people giving an account of what they have heard about the valour of one particular assassin. They are describing his act as magical or superhuman on many levels and the problem is that we as an audience… Continue reading Mamangam