Monica, O My Darling Review | A Delightfully Original Black Comedy

Vasan Bala’s third directorial, Monica, O My Darling, is one delicious dark comedy that manages to be hilarious and engaging despite not having any outlandish suspense. The way Vasan and his co-writer Yogesh Chandekar place human psychology to create situational humor makes the movie unique. With that color palette and staged visual choreography, Monica, O… Continue reading Monica, O My Darling Review | A Delightfully Original Black Comedy

Maharani 2

In the first season of Maharani, the focus was on showing the growth of an ignorant Rani Bharti to the mainstream politics of Bihar. As a major conflict was created at the end of season 1, the second season, Maharani 2, shows us a politically mature Rani who is going head to head with everyone… Continue reading Maharani 2


Suppose you compare Valimai with a Vivegam (making the comparison mainly because of the action genre). In that case, Valimai is definitely a better product. But the benchmark set by H Vinoth through his previous films is much higher. Thus, when going in for an H Vinoth movie, you expect a solid entertainer that looks… Continue reading Valimai


There are times when history shows you peculiar scenarios that were never expected to happen. Maharani, the new SonyLIV show created by Subhash Kapoor and directed by Karan Sharma, is one series that takes the catchy element of a historical event and tries to give it a creative interpretation. Maharani is basically a What-if version… Continue reading Maharani