I am pretty sure every promotional material of the new SonyLIV movie Eesho will have one thing in common. There will be taglines similar to “if you have a daughter/ if you are a father, you should watch this film” There are movies that are made to utilize this good-intent sentiment of people. Eesho, directed… Continue reading Eesho

Sayanna Varthakal

The very last scene and the few minutes before that in the film Sayanna Varthakal somewhere show us what motivated Arun Chandu and co-writer Sachin R Chandran to explore an extremely sensitive topic that has relevance in the current political scenario of India. But the randomness in the treatment of various phases of the film… Continue reading Sayanna Varthakal


Kochaal, the latest police investigation thriller, starring Krishna Shankar as the title character, is a thriller muddled in cliches. When the movie reaches its investigative bits in the last half of its run time, there is a bit of excitement on offer. But by the time it reaches that point, you are already exhausted because… Continue reading Kochaal


If the writing manages to give a solid reason for characters to become monsters, situational thrillers can be really intense to watch. Ratheesh Reghunandan’s Udal is a wannabe Don’t Breathe that was able to hold the viewer’s interest till the end, and it also ended up in that grey space where you are wondering about… Continue reading Udal

Jack N Jill

Manju Warrier in the Bharatha Natyam attire and beating up bad guys with absolute swag is something that looks pretty appealing on paper. The only thing that I can say as a positive about Santosh Sivan’s horrendously lousy directorial Jack N Jill is that there is a good possibility that some filmmakers might consider making… Continue reading Jack N Jill


On a scripting level, in terms of detailing, Salute has enough juice to make an intriguing investigative thriller that isn’t so loud. The movie tries to create two parallel cat and mouse narratives. One of them is about the hero, and the other is about a mysterious guy. But with stiff dialogues and a treatment… Continue reading Salute