Enthada Saji Review | A Divine Comedy That Struggles to Find Solid Conflicts

The way Sajimol talks to the Saint in the movie Enthada Saji is casual and funny. Writer-director Godfy Xavier Babu somewhat succeeds in building a Pranchiyettan-like texture to their conversation. But beyond the single-girl chatting with Punyalan concept, the writing of this movie struggles to find solid conflicts. With the second half becoming way too… Continue reading Enthada Saji Review | A Divine Comedy That Struggles to Find Solid Conflicts


I am pretty sure every promotional material of the new SonyLIV movie Eesho will have one thing in common. There will be taglines similar to “if you have a daughter/ if you are a father, you should watch this film” There are movies that are made to utilize this good-intent sentiment of people. Eesho, directed… Continue reading Eesho

John Luther

An investigating officer becoming hearing impaired is a roadblock that can actually make a thriller take exciting twists and turns. The kind of twist that happens in John Luther, the new movie starring Jayasurya as the title protagonist, looks excellent on paper. But the convoluted nature of its presentation somewhere diminishes the charm of the… Continue reading John Luther

Meri Awas Suno

I know an audience segment that finds movies like Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam and Vijay Superum Pournamiyum motivational and inspiring. Even though I haven’t disliked these movies, there was no major moving element for me in those films. Meri Awas Suno, Prajesh Sen’s third outing as a director along with Jayasurya somewhere, falls in a… Continue reading Meri Awas Suno


Sunny, the new collaboration of Ranjith Sankar and Jayasurya, is a movie that tries to depict the idea of hope and a fresh start. It is set in the Covid 19 reality, and the theme feels very apt for the times we are living in. Towards the end of the film, Sunny is picking up… Continue reading Sunny


As an actor, Jayasurya has this incredible ability to transform into characters with complete conviction. His performance as Murali in the latest Malayalam movie Vellam is nothing short of brilliant. But the underwhelming side of this Prajesh Sen movie is that it somewhere forgot to acknowledge the actor’s capability and goes after a climax that… Continue reading Vellam


A major portion of the movie Anweshanam feels like a very exciting thriller. The story is happening inside a hospital and the makers keep us interested in that mystery to get revealed. From being in that suspense thriller mood, Prasobh Vijayan shifts the movie to a very emotional track in the second half. Even though… Continue reading Anweshanam