Antony Review | A Passable Action Entertainer With Familiar Beats

At one point in the movie Antony, the priest played by Chemban Vinod Jose, talks about the peculiarity of the unlikeliest relationship between two individuals and gives the credit to the almighty for making such things happen. This Joshiy movie is trying to tap into the warmth and jovial side of one such relationship. With… Continue reading Antony Review | A Passable Action Entertainer With Familiar Beats


The focus of Kuruthi is on hatred among people like “them and us” and how it has always been a baton passed from one generation to another generation. Kuruthi, written by Anish Pallyal and directed by Manu Warrier, isn’t taking a side here. It is almost like this balancing act where we see two communities… Continue reading Kuruthi

Operation Java

I will not say that Operation Java from debutant Tharun Moorthy is a flawless and unpredictable movie. But the film for me was thoroughly engaging. Despite not having the conventional start-middle-end structure, this investigation journey was a compelling watch. With the design it followed, I was expecting the movie to hit a roadblock at some… Continue reading Operation Java