I am pretty sure every promotional material of the new SonyLIV movie Eesho will have one thing in common. There will be taglines similar to “if you have a daughter/ if you are a father, you should watch this film” There are movies that are made to utilize this good-intent sentiment of people. Eesho, directed… Continue reading Eesho

Solomante Theneechakal

Recently in the conversations happening in social media groups and even in troll groups, one particular scripting trope was under scrutiny. It was about this “wait, I can explain” – “no, we don’t want to hear anything” scenario in movies that were released a few years back. What I found most irritating about Lal Jose’s… Continue reading Solomante Theneechakal

Sabaash Chandrabose

In the recent past, we have seen movies with thin plots working immensely as entertainers. The second movie from VC Abhilash after Aalorukkam, Sabaash Chandrabose, is a stretched comedy that works partially because of the setting. Set in the backdrop of the ’80s, this film starring Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Johny Antony is half-baked yet sporadically… Continue reading Sabaash Chandrabose


The first half of the movie Ganagandharvan is a very usual tale of miseries of a middle-class guy. If you are someone who feels that Ramesh Pisharody’s last film Panchavarnathatha was an enjoyable film, the chances of you enjoying the first half is pretty high. But in the second half, the movie enters a very… Continue reading Ganagandharvan