The biopic of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha titled Thalaivii is a very convenient biopic that acts like devotion. The drama Vijayendra Prasad and Vijay bring to the table is enough to remind you about Kammara Sambhavam. The movie’s production values are definitely high, but the writing really can’t grow beyond the bullet points.… Continue reading Thalaivii


Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari knows how to capture the texture of a middle-class Indian family. Panga, her new outing with Kangana Ranaut is a movie that works for us mostly due to this relatable backdrop element. The idea is to motivate women to strive for that second innings in life which most of them hesitate due… Continue reading Panga


In a recent interview director Vishal Bhardwaj was asked why he moved to film making as he originally began the career as a music composer. The witty reply was that he wanted to compose songs and as nobody offered him movies the only choice was to make films so that he can create songs. I… Continue reading Rangoon