DSP Review | A Trashy Mass Masala Film That Takes the Audience for Granted

The first and second half of Ponram’s Vijay Sethupathi starrer DSP is so disjoint that you can look at them as two different films – correction – two different crap films with zero elements of excitement. The writing of this movie goes after anything and everything to stretch the movie’s duration, resulting in a pathetic… Continue reading DSP Review | A Trashy Mass Masala Film That Takes the Audience for Granted


Mahaan, the new Karthik Subbaraj movie starring Vikram in the title role, has a turbulent phase in the middle portions. But towards the end, Karthik manages to somehow place the drama in an exciting scenario making the landing a smooth one. Compared to Karthik’s last debacle Jagame Thanthiram, Mahaan is a far superior product. But… Continue reading Mahaan


In the movie Boomika, there is a sequence where the character Dharman, a local villager who takes care of this old mansion where the movie is set, talks about how he now understands his grandfather’s laughter, which he used to find weird. The editing pattern of that sequence combined with the background score is too… Continue reading Boomika


Like any other anthology that got released during the lockdown, the new one in Netflix presented by Mani Ratnam, Navarasa, is a mixed bag in terms of quality. While the eldest one in the lot, Priyadarshan, came up with the banalest creation, the young gun Karthick Naren impressed me the most with his grip on… Continue reading Navarasa