Imbam Review | In Terms of Quality, the Movie Has No Correlation With Its Title

It is expected to have aspirations as a filmmaker to create a campus movie or a political thriller. But the new film Imbam, directed by Sreejith Chandran, seems to be a movie that had no clarity about what to achieve from the story. Starting off as some sort of campus story, the film kept on… Continue reading Imbam Review | In Terms of Quality, the Movie Has No Correlation With Its Title

Kasargold Review | An Inconsistent Thriller With Familiar Twists

Directed by Mridul Nair, Kasargold aspires to be quirky and gory. But the problem is the narrative doesn’t have the flow to keep you excited about the content. Even when they reveal a twist in the tale, it has that familiar feel, or maybe you saw it coming. The backdrop of gold smuggling is indeed… Continue reading Kasargold Review | An Inconsistent Thriller With Familiar Twists


If you have ever felt that “the boy meets girl on a trip” trope that you see in romantic entertainers is a safe bet idea that anyone can pull off, Ullasam will make you realize that even that needs the help of charismatic performance and solid writing. Soaked in cliches and cringe-worthy dialogues, Ullasam is… Continue reading Ullasam


Heaven, the new crime thriller starring Suraj Venjaramood as the hero, is a movie that manages to be engaging due to how it is structured. Unni Govindraj and co-writer PS Subramanian have moved away from the general straightforward investigation pattern. Despite being that background score-driven thriller treatment that doesn’t excite you much, the distributed nature… Continue reading Heaven

John Luther

An investigating officer becoming hearing impaired is a roadblock that can actually make a thriller take exciting twists and turns. The kind of twist that happens in John Luther, the new movie starring Jayasurya as the title protagonist, looks excellent on paper. But the convoluted nature of its presentation somewhere diminishes the charm of the… Continue reading John Luther

The Last Two Days

SI: “We have the fingerprints of the suspects from that location. So what does that mean?”. Constable: “It means they were there.” Imagine being that invisible third person who is watching this kind of conversation (These are not the exact dialogues in the movie). Debutante Santhosh Lakshman’s The Last Two Days feels exactly like that.… Continue reading The Last Two Days

Bhoomiyile Manohara Swakaryam

Bhoomiyile Manohara Swakaryam is one gigantic cringe-fest. From melodramatic dialogues to caricature-like characters that are somewhat similar to those mediocre government ads we saw on TV, this movie directed by Shyju Anthikkad has everything that can give you a headache. The plan is to show the viewer that religion has penetrated so much into our… Continue reading Bhoomiyile Manohara Swakaryam