Neelavelicham Review | A Visually Captivating Adaptation That Struggles to Handle Melodrama

Bhargavi Nilayam is that classic horror film that practically sets the tone for almost all horror films in Malayalam. The cliches we now talk about in horror films were introduced to the Malayalam industry by this film. In fact, virtually all the female ghost horror films in Malayalam were various iterations of Bhargavi Nilayam at… Continue reading Neelavelicham Review | A Visually Captivating Adaptation That Struggles to Handle Melodrama


During the promotions of the film Naradan, Aashiq Abu had said that they are not explicitly targetting a person or any news organizations through this film. Even though the film critiques sensationalized journalism, one can clearly sense that they are targetting Arnab Goswami and the kind of loud journalism that others followed, seeing his success.… Continue reading Naradan

Halal Love Story

Zakariya’s first movie Sudani from Nigeria that he co-wrote with Muhsin Parari had this universal outlook and it was about empathy and humanity. His new film Halal Love Story, again co-written along with Parari has the texture of a satire. Constructed as a religiously inclined organization’s efforts to make a telefilm, Halal Love Story is… Continue reading Halal Love Story


The nuances of true sensible love we see in real life very rarely get depicted on screen with that sensible amount of sincerity. Movies very seldom try to break those moulds the other films created. Mayaanadhi in my opinion is an exception from all that. This film from Aashiq Abu written by Syam Pushkaran and… Continue reading Mayaanadhi

Idukki Gold

It’s that attempt to explore the nostalgia. Aashiq Abu’s latest film Idukki Gold is a package that is supposed to be entertaining and enlightening but works only in that mere entertaining part. Colorful visuals, sarcastic background scores and humor that are there throughout the narration will surely keep you interested in this stuff. It’s a… Continue reading Idukki Gold