Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru

theeya-velai-seiyyanum-kumaru-reviewDirector Sundar C’s latest film Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru, starring Siddharth and Hansika is a movie that will make you laugh here and there, but will definitely test your patience with its degree of nonsense comedy. If Santhanam was not there in the cast, the film would have been a horrible experience.

The story is about the romance of Kumar. From the time of his grandparents, everyone in the family had love marriage, Kumar who was kind of reluctant towards the romantic side because of some sad experiences he had happens to fall in love with the new girl in the office, Sanjana. To make sure he will win her love, Kumar hires the service of a love guru Mokia. With his colleague George also trying to propose Sanjana, the situation becomes a little complicated for Kumar. The movie deals with the efforts made by Kumar and Mokia to impress Sanjana.

The basic inspiration is definitely the Will Smith starrer Hitch. But in this case the larger focus is on the client rather than the service provider. It’s that typical tamil masala where you can’t question the depth of the sudden romance and all. The kind of smartness given to the character Mokia and the kind of innocence (or rather stupidity) given to Kumar is too much that the so called intense romance that takes place in the midst of these just couldn’t have any impact on the audience. The first half is largely dull and the second half scripting just goes on and on with things hard to sync in. The brother – sister relationship comedy involving Santhanam was the only part where I laughed.

On screen, Siddharth is convincing as Kumar in his chocolate boy image. Hansika Motwani is suitable for the character because of her beauty and with all those glamour songs in the package she adds more spice to the masala. Santhanam is the only relief in the movie who occasionally makes us laugh with his typical comic sense. Rest of the cast did their role in this exaggerated drama convincingly. A few cameos are there including Samantha, Vishal and Khushbu.

In the making, Sundar C’s comedy rendering is a bit outdated. The script as I said, made a mess of a plot that could have been an entertaining comedy. All those climax drama including flex boards, telecast and car accident were nowhere near being called as smartness or sincerity. Satisfying music and convincing cinematography is there.

It was a disappointing experience for me. Acknowledging the performance of Santhanam, I am giving it a 2/5. I was expecting a good romantic comedy and what I got was a nonsense comedy. You will enjoy it if you are desperate to get entertained.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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