Thiruttu Payale 2

Thiruttu Payale 2, the successor of Susi Ganeshan’s 2006 sleeper hit success Thiruttu payale has these weird interpretations of technological advancements by the director. In one scene the antagonist tells our hero that Switzerland now has data banks too and if he doesn’t renew his account frequently, the porn sites and other illegal websites will get all the files in his account. Pushing the imagination to the edge of the table is exciting, but there are many instances in this Susi Ganeshan film that pushes the scope beyond the edge and because of that this negative vs negative film becomes uninteresting.

Selvam is this police officer who has been assigned to do some phone tapping by his senior officer. Selvam who had financial targets in the back of his mind used it for his gain by blackmailing people using their private conversations. Karma fires back as Selvam one day found out about a relationship between a man named Balki and his wife Agal. How that scenario puts him in a difficult situation and how he escapes from all that is Thiruttu Payale 2 dealing with.

Every character here has a negative shade. So there is an interesting mind game happening between the characters as they are all grey. But what I couldn’t enjoy was the vision of the director on utilizing those flaws in creating an engaging thriller. There is an exaggerated tone to these three characters in terms of behavior. Things like social media do have a dark side. But presenting that in the way we see in Thiruttu Payale 2 is reducing the seriousness of that as they are showing it in a really amateurish way.

Bobby Simha as Selvam is convincing. He has this charm to pull off characters with negative shade and the film in that sense gives him a space to perform. Prasanna on the other hand becomes convincing mainly through the way his character has been presented. But I have to say that what happens to that character at the end was a laughable piece of writing. Amala Paul was also okay as the vulnerable house wife.

Susi Ganeshan occasionally throws interesting conflicts which creates a curiosity. But the problem is that within minutes after creating that small bit of intrigue, he spoils the fun by creating something that is way too over the top. The plot at some points gets over complicated with too many subplots. The usage of technology in this film doesn’t have any sophistication to make us believe all that. The edits that jump between close up and wide within a matter of seconds was poor. Vidya Sagar’s slow tracks in the film were nice.

Thiruttu Payale 2 had the scope to be at least an engaging thriller with a cat and mouse theme. But the overwritten plot and the lack of sensibility in certain crucial twists in the tale makes it a disappointing film.

Rating: 2/5

Final Thoughts

The overwritten plot and the lack of sensibility in certain crucial twists in the tale makes Thiruttu Payale 2 a disappointing film.


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