Total Siyapaa

total-siyapaa-reviewTotal Siyapaa directed by E Nivas is that light hearted comedy which we can easily categorize into that “could have been better” films. It is a less chaotic Priyadarshan confusion comedy and that is the best and worst part of the movie. The film’s confusions and emotions have a real feel in the beginning which makes it appealing but as the storyline moves, more unconvincing drama unfolds without much fire crackers and makes the comedy film an overall dull product.

The main protagonists of our story are Aman and Asha who are living in London. Aman is a Pakistani musician and Asha is an Indian journalist and these love birds have decided to get married. The movie mainly focuses on the events that happen at Asha’s house on the night where she plans to introduce Aman to her family. The quintessential Indo-Pak rivalry and some other unfortunate accidents happening that night complicates the scene and how this big mess is cleared ultimately is Total Siyapaa all about.

Even though there was no great on screen chemistry between the lead pair in the movie, individually both Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam where successful in carrying their characters and that really helps this movie in avoiding a good amount of suffocation. The problem you will easily identify in this constrained movie is that the narrative isn’t getting that rhythm to move on and a majority of the movie is stuck inside the interiors of Asha’s home. Also some of the elements in the movie which were unwontedly included to increase the Siyappa looked unbaked and the Anupam Kher episode of the film looked slightly exaggerated.

On screen as I said the chemistry wasn’t that great but both of them were convincing individuals. Ali Zafar as the totally confused and worried Pakistani who can’t even talk loud was really good. The pretty Yami was also nice. Kiron Kher did her eccentric mom role nicely and a notable performance by Sara Khan. Short but memorable performance by Neeraj Pandey’s irreplaceable star Anupam Kher. I really liked that foreign actor who was like an over acted version of Mr Bean.

Direction isn’t that great as we could sense some basic faults in the treatment. Too much of interiors might have lessened the expense but it kind of increases the congestion. The chaos meter of the script wasn’t balanced correctly. Dialogues are okay and the cinematography was good. Music wasn’t that great but the background scores were nice.

So overall Total Siyaapa is an average deal. The actors and their acting were good but the end product wasn’t totally pleasing . I am giving 2.5/5 for this Indo Pak romantic comedy.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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