Two Countries

Two countries is a typical Dileep movie with his usual style comedy and the humor in this film is in that similar zone of My Boss and Ring Master. Filled with dialogue humor and certain situational jokes, it offers you lots of moments to laugh if you are not much bothered about the storyline.

Ullas is that jobless young guy who is earning from cheap foul plays and some fraud business plans. His attempt to have a secure life by marrying a wealthy girl ends up in a relation where he marries his childhood friend Laya who was in Canada for a long time. The cultural differences and Laya’s alcoholic nature puts the marriage in a difficult situation and the movie is talking about the future of this relationship.

There are too many events happening in the film and if you look at the plot of the whole movie it isn’t that great. The best part of the film is the combination humor tracks which gives the movie that entertainer outlook. First half mostly has Aju Varghese – Dileep duo handling the comedy. The second half has Mukesh and Suraaj pairing up with the hero to create some LOL stuff. The skinny theme and typical making aren’t noticed much because of the charm of these comedy duos.

The character is very much safe in the hands of someone like Dileep as he has this knack to present the gimmicks oriented humor without many flaws. Mamtha Mohandas gets a chance to repeat her My Boss performance. Aju Varghese was good in his character as Avinash and shares a great chemistry with Dileep. Suraaj is also in his typical style except for the NRI outlook. Mukesh, Rafi, Lena, Srinda, Vinaya Prasad, Jagadeesh, Ashokan, Vijayaraghavan, Makarand deshpande and many more are there in the elaborate cast who were okay in their characters.

Shafi makes the film in his usual style. The skit feel is there for sure but luckily the performers have done a neat job to make those comedy tracks work well. The screenplay is too elaborate and if you look from where the movie began its journey, it has touched too many events which weren’t that necessary. The typical counter dialogue blabbers are the main selling points of this Dileep entertainer. The cinematography was good. Gopi Sunder’s tracks aren’t that catchy.

On the whole, Two Countries as a festival entertainer works fine. With the screenplay and actors not overdoing the comedy, the okay content gets a boost in being a laugh riot. It’s a movie that meets the expectation of the masses when they are in for a Dileep movie.

Final Thoughts

Two Countries is a movie that meets the expectation of the masses when they are in for a Dileep movie.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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