“Vaadhyar” directed by new comer Nidheesh Shakthi is a below average cliche malayalam movie which has nothing fresh to claim. The movie can be said as the beta version of M Mohanan’s “Manikyakkallu”. While Manikyakallu had a heart, Vaadhyar tries for a too much commercial exposure. The backbone of the movie is same as that of Manikyakkallu. The issue of government malayalam medium schools in Kerala. But the flesh around the bone was too less that it could never inspire the audience.

The story is about a young gun Anoop Krishnan, who completed BEd but aims for MBA for 5 digit salary earning job. But his family pressurizes him to follow his fathers footsteps and become a teacher so that they can cover the debt caused by Anoop for his teacher posting (10 Lakhs).Thus, without any interest Anoop comes to teaching profession. But as the story progresses, through various incidents in his life Anoop realises the value of teaching. He works hard for the school and tries to help the school which is under the threat of being shut down because of lack of students.

Apart from the added masala on the protagonists backdrop, Vaadhyar is very much another Manikyakkallu. The main problem with Vaadhyar is its totally uneven script. The entire movie goes on in a predictable manner. The first half of the movie is very lame. Many opf the scenes felt like stretched out. The second half is relatively good as the core part of the movie is in the second half.The too much overwhelming tactics and below average technical backup makes these portions a little irritating at times. Direction wise there is nothing really to point out as good.

In the performance side, Jayasurya has done his part neatly. The role of Ann Augustine is an absolute waste. She is actually there to fill the screen. Menaka’s comeback was good, but the dubbing was quite annoying. I think the dialogs should be blamed for that rather than Bhagyalakshmi the artist. Rest of the cast including veterans like Nedumudi, Vijayaraghavan, Salim Kumar etc also did a neat job in their roles.

Overall, Vaadhyar is a movie that doesnt really creates the spark which the makers intended to create. My rating is 2/5 for director Nidheesh Shakthi’s “Vaadhyar”. Those who consider JANAPRIYAN as a very good movie SHOULD watch this one.

Final Thoughts

Vaadhyar is a movie that doesnt really creates the spark which the makers intended to create.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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