Vallatha Pahayan

vallatha-pahayan-review“Marimayam” is a television show that scored for its humorous presentation on things that a common has to face in his life. When the whole team reunited on the silver screen for the first time in the form of “ Vallatha Pahayan ”, the charm of the television show was never really visible. Thank fully they haven’t tried to make the movie an out and out nonsense comedy, but the used out topic of the difficulties of a common man in making a house is presented in a very predictable way.

Balan is a peon in the government school. He is living with his wife and two kids in a rented house. Necessity prompts Balan to think about having a house of his own. He decides to build his home in the plot which he bought sometime back. The problems that Balan has to face because of various financial complications and how it all ends are what “ Vallatha Pahayan ” all about.

We have seen similar stories in the recent past including Aji John’s “Namukku Parkkan”. The not so impressive fact is that there isn’t a single portion in the movie to really move us or make us feel for the characters. Yet there is life in the characters as they are easy to connect with. Some sequences like the Shanghai poojari, six packs training of the kid etc are there to destroy the sensibility of the film. Usual preaching and life equations that we see in almost all Sathyan Anthikkadu films are also there.

On screen, I liked Manikandan Pattambi’s portrayal as the confused and helpless Balan. The scene where he explodes out of pressure was really worth a whistle. Convincing performance by Rachana as the typical Malayalee housewife. Mamukoya plays an important role and he is very convincing indeed. Janardhanan and KPAC Lalitha showed their experience. Vinod Kovoor manages to crack the audience in his signature Muslim character, even though the character was an unwanted addition for humor. Rest of the Marimayam team is there as various characters along with veterans like Mala Aravindan, Sadiq, Sunil Sukhada etc.

The direction is quite ordinary and the scripting isn’t that appealing. Dialogs have a good impact here and there. Cinematography and editing is just about convincing. The songs aren’t that great and the BGM’s are quite familiar. The climax of the film goes to a grey zone where they don’t really appreciate the hope factor in life. And as someone who likes pleasing comedies, I wasn’t able to agree with that idea.

In comparison with the television series, this film is below the mark. But for an audience who can tolerate bizarre daily soaps, this movie is indeed watchable for its relevance. I am giving it a 2.5/5. Watch it only if you are desperate to see the team on big screen.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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