Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven

The Yaman of Tata Sumo, the nemesis of comedy, the Lucifer of depth and nuance and the messiah of unintentional comedy Sundar C is back again with a Simbu who is trying to make a comeback to the industry. Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven is the remake of Telugu blockbuster Attarintiki Daredi. I am yet to see that movie and for someone who isn’t familiar with that film (the ideal viewer for a remake movie), this one is almost the extension of Sundar C’s recent torture Aambala.

A Spain based business group is owned by a Tamil family. The head of the group has a troubled relationship with his daughter Nandini as she chose to marry the man she loved. The elderly man wants to reconcile with his daughter and he assigns the duty of bringing her back to his grandson Adithya. How Adithya manages to melt the heart of his stubborn aunt through a series of events is what the movie Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven showing us.

It is hard to review a film like this when it is a series of mediocre and pointless sequences that test your patience and sense every single minute. If it was supposed to be a nonsensical comedy, I would have been happy to submit to the genre of the movie. But this film has this intention of being a sentimental family drama and that is an irritating truth with which I just can’t make peace. While the characters played by Nasser, Ramya Krishnan and Prabhu seems to have a grounded nature, every other character in this movie is a competitor in the reality show “who’s the most ridiculous idiot?”. This is one movie where you will see a sea of expressions on the faces of almost all the actors appearing on screen and there will be only one expression on your face to all that; poke face. There is a second-half scene where everyone is slapping Yogi Babu and that sequence just goes on and on. I would say it was actually Sundar C’s way of signaling the audience that things have gone out of his hands.

Adithya is just the alter ego of Simbu and the actor is sleepwalking through this role that demands only his dancing skills. In that pivotal railway station monologue scene, I could see some of the audience asking him to stop over-emoting and you have to understand that these are the people who actually laughed for some of the sick jokes in this movie. In Sundar C’s movies women are mostly for men’s ogling pleasure and here also that’s the same case. Megha Akash is the main female lead and there is Catherine Theresa and the love stories of both these characters are very close to being called bizarre. Ramya Krishan gets a character that looks like a slightly calmer version of Shivagami. Prabhu escapes from the overacting entourage. Nasser is convincing. VTV Ganesh, Robo Shankar, Rajendran, Yogi Babu etc are there to torture you with what Sundar C calls as comedy.

Sundar C is one director who would write a 5-second scene about the hero dreaming about going to the moon and would build an entire set to create that scene which will have zero significance in the entire movie. If someone can remove the useless scenes from Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven, this movie would easily end within 45 minutes.  By adding ridiculous comedy, heroics and pointless songs, Sundar C manages to push it to 155 minutes. I might need a whole day and a minimum of 10 additional paragraphs if I want to talk about the absolute ridiculousness of this movie. The CGI is utter crap and the stunts are old school with Sundar C level exaggeration – terror mass! The instruction give to Hip Hop Tamizha was to create beats, not songs.

Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven is like a movie that will make you hate yourself for insulting your brain and mind. The movie is a charismatic amalgamation Aambala and Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan. I hope that pretty much sums up the “level” of the fun.

Rating: 1/5

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Final Thoughts

The movie is a charismatic amalgamation Aambala and Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan. I hope that pretty much sums up the “level” of the fun.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.