The latest production from A. R. Murugadoss and Fox star studios, Vatthikuchi is an exaggerated non sense. Amateurish writing and dull rendering makes this Kinslin movie a senseless experiment that doesn’t really concentrate on anything. Apart from a chirpy Anjali, there is nothing promising or interesting in this film.

The plot basically revolves around the central protagonist Sakthi who is an auto driver. The story is actually three episodes of Sakthi’s life where he is attacked by three different groups. A gang leader loses his team because of him, a businessman’s conspiracy against a government official goes in vain because of his deeds and incidentally Sakthi became an obstacle for a team who were planning to kidnap a child. These three troops are behind him. How he manages to escape from all these with his uncertain romance in the backdrop is what Vatthkuchi all about.

Well, the plot itself has no great impact on us. Usual revenge formats are presented again in an uninteresting manner. The three revenge episodes do not have any kind of interconnection to make the content interesting. They stand very detached from the basic thread and just throw some lame opportunities for Sakthi to become a hero from his Zero image. With all those self talks and that scene were the makers show us what Sakthi did during his attempt to run away from the villains, you will surely feel annoyed for the exaggerated making.

On screen, Dhileban is just about satisfying as Sakthi. Anjali scores the most for her Bubly appearance as Meena. Sampath is good as Benny. Jagan also makes a good on screen performance.

In the making, direction and writing is quite a letdown. In an attempt to make the movie as a normal guys struggle, they have assembled old and used parts that fail to coexist. The sensibility of each incident is something that will surely bother you. The Jagan episode was indeed an illogical one. The necessity of attack on Sakthi wasn’t explained in a convincing manner and moreover they have added a lame drama over a Gun. The dialogs aren’t charming and the screenplay is cluttered. Cinematography and edits are also quite disappointing. Music is good, but the placement of songs wasn’t correct. Bizarre execution of fight sequences and Dhileban can’t really impress us as an action hero.

Overall, Vatthikuchi is a disappointing product from a production house which produced the superbly crafted “Engeyum Eppothum”. I am giving 1.5/5 for this unbaked film. Go in and come out with a big sigh.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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