Vedalam from Siva is definitely a treat for the diehard fans of superstar Ajith. If you go for the content part of this film, there isn’t anything amusing, convincing or sensible. But nobody is expecting such stuff from the maker and in between the clichéd and much exaggerated style of storytelling; Siva manages to create a captivating heroism which helps the movie in being entertaining.

Ganesh has come along with his sister to Kolkata for the convenience of her higher studies. Ganesh gets the job of a taxi driver and the life was going smooth. The innocent faced Ganesh at one moment helped the police in hunting down a mafia don. That event ultimately ends in a scenario where a whole bunch of mighty villains are against Ganesh. How that goes and what exactly is the back story of Ganesh and his sister is what Can Vedalam talking about.

There is a huge chance of audience not looking at the flawed content because of the sort of charisma Ajith shows on screen as the mysterious Ganesh. Siva has made the character as an invincible usual Tamil hero who is the epitome of attitude, anger, affection and humility. The catchy point of the film is the place where the identity gets revealed. The very typical nature of the movie takes a big leap at that point. The humour in the beginning part of the second half also worked in favour of the movie. Towards the end there is this battle between exaggerated sloppy screenplay and enticing heroism. The way that hospital meeting between the hero and villain was constructed is ridiculous.

If Ajith’s portrayal in the dual shade was slightly dull, the film would have become a disaster. But the actor has performed surprisingly well, especially in the second half. Lakshmi Menon was good as the typical sister character. An unnecessary role was given to Shruti Haasan who luckily escaped from being a mere showpiece. There was nothing much amusing about the villains and their character structure. Soori, Thambi Ramaiah and many more are there in the star cast to make it look like a packed entertainer.

As a maker, Siva has managed to create an interesting and catchy hero. The scripting of the earlier portions of the second half is also quite catchy. Except for those two portions there isn’t much of freshness to the content. It will be better if you keep the logic completely away. Don’t expect something huge after seeing the split second scenes in the teaser as most of them were shown in songs and not so important villain build-ups. Cinematography was just okay. The music isn’t that catchy and at many areas in the first half the mixing of BGM sounded wayward.

On the whole I would say Vedalam isn’t a disappointment. It might even do better than Veeram in the box office. Ultimately it is Ajith’s one man show and there are flaws for sure. For the fans it will be a feast, for the rest it is most probably an okay film with highs and lows.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately it is Ajith's one man show and there are flaws for sure. For the fans it will be a feast, for the rest it is most probably an okay film with highs and lows.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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