vedivazhipadu-reviewVedivazhipadu is a mature and unique sex comedy that travels beyond usual  non veg gimmicks. Lesser use of background score in a humorous content itself enhances the uniqueness and by utilizing its subplots to a good extent Vedivazhipadu manages to trigger the thinking process of the viewer after finishing the movie.

The situation comedy here has the backdrop of Aatukaal Ponkala. The three main male protagonists are planning to get a prostitute for that one free day where their better halves wont be there in their homes to disturb them. The movie actually narrates the events that happen around these characters on that particular day and also tells us the reason why they all ended up in search of such a cheap momentary pleasure.

Debutant director Shambhu Purushothaman has really lessened the amount of background score in conveying the humor and that off beat feel makes this movie a smart non typical satire. Raw treatment in writing the sequences naturally creates fun and because of that there is less amount of exaggerated pranks with which we are used to. The way they showed the necessity of a slut in their lives was also beautiful as it first created simple humor but then transformed to an emotional level. And the arguments about the concept of arranged marriage was also quite sound.

The direction style is slightly different from what we expect. Shambhu has reduced the usual chaos atmosphere for this situational satire. The ironies in the custom and society’s attitude have been included nicely with impressive sarcasm. The screenplay uses all its subplots and characters to convey something that is related to the basic theme of the movie. The lack of real feel in dialogues at some portions in the first half was a bit annoying. The shots are nice and the edits are smooth. Effectively used background score is a real plus for the movie.

Performance side, Murali Gopy and Indrajith are good in their respective roles which I believe doesn’t challenge them much. The real stars in my opinion were Saiju Kurup, Sreejith Ravi and Sunil Sukhada who managed to do their multicolored characters very nicely. Among the female leads Mythili was really bad in putting emotions on her face and towards the end she showed a gradual development. Anusree on the other hand got her acting part correctly but failed in dialogue delivery. Anu Mol played the role of the prostitute with required heaviness in emotions.

Overall, Vedivazhipadu is a different experience all together. The content is rightly certified with an A certificate as it really demands a matured mind to analyse it beyond peripheral fun. My rating for this movie from Shambhu Purushothaman is a 3.5/5. The climax punch may be a used out idea, but implementing that in this kind of a content is something that needs to be appreciated.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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