Veendum Kannur

The movie Veendum Kannur is definitely a movie that addresses the issues in Kannur. But as a movie it is a below average creation. With a run time of around 1 hour 40 minutes, I think the movie is a quickly wrapped up one.
The movie tries to convey a message to the current communist leaders to make relevant changes in their policies. Although we can agree with all these proposals made by the main protagonist played by Anoop Menon, the cliche making makes the movie a tiring watch at most of the occasions. The story moves through JayaKrishnan, the son of the communist party state secretary Madayi Surendran. He was attacked on his arrival at Kerala after his studies in Delhi JNU. The incidents after that prompts him to enter politics. When he finds it difficult to sync with the ideas of his father and his party he decides to move on with a youthful campaign in the name of “New Communist” who supports industrial development and totally against dirty blood shed politics. His attempts for a revolution with added cliche formula making style is all about Veendum Kannur.
Anoop Menon definitely deserves applauds for handling the role of Jayakrishnan. Its his performance in the first half that makes a little bit of fire in this dull movie. Sandhya’s role is just an added one to make it a commercial one. The two songs with the couple were totally out of sync. Irshad, Tini Tom, Sivaji Guruvayoor, Risabava and Arun have done their roles neatly. Rajiv Pillai as Mohith was a big disappointment.
The direction of Haridas is average. Never really goes for anything fresh. The script of Robin Thirumala is just a weak one which just tries to give us a map of Kannur politics rather than making some serious attempts to stop this violence. The script covers from the old Asna issue to the latest Kulam Kuthi. That makes me feel that the movie is really made in a hurry.
Overall “Veendum Kannur” can be called an average docu-fiction and a poor film.
My rating for the movie is 2/5.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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