Villali Veeran

I don’t really understand the agenda of the film makers to keep repeating the same formula on actor Dileep. In the climax of the film Villali Veeran you have a hero fighting against his villains and in the same building where commandos are fighting against the terrorists. Nonsense mixed with sentiments and some dialogue humor – that’s Villali Veeran.

SIdharthan is that person who has all the troubles and miseries in the world in moving the family forward. At the same time he is a kind hearted person who takes care of some families who doesn’t have anyone. The film basically focuses on the love story of Sidharthan and the less known past of this character.

The entertainment factor of the film is very much limited to its typical dialogue jokes. There are a lot of hero worshipping sequences which feels pretty hollow with its amateurish presentation through outdated dramatic dialogues. The script just can’t sync all the events properly. The romance and the entire second half of the film are in extremely different ends. The level of exaggeration and typical revenge will bore you for sure. Characters are taken from the familiar Udayan Sibi films and the coincidence level is alarmingly high. The kind of twists and events happening towards the end was too much to tolerate. I must admit that there is one awesome dialogue towards the end of the film where Sidharthan talks about the mentality of man and woman after the end of a relationship.

In terms of performance Dileep repeats the same style in another character. Namitha Pramod looked good. Shajon and Dharmajan were good with their comic characters. Siddique was nice. Actors like Sai Kumar and Lalu Alex were wasted. Mythili was okay but the voice was awkward.

Sudheesh Shankar’s direction is not so smart. Well there is a limit in blaming the direction when the script itself is lame. All those Buddha reference in the movie was mighty bore thank god they didn’t titled the film as Buddhettan.  Dialogue humor was there for the rescue. Music and BGM was poor. Cinematography was okay.

Overall Villali Veeran is as good as Mr. Marumakan and Sringaravelan. If you enjoyed those films, you can enjoy this one too. Families will go and the movie will be a sure hit, but my rating is 2/5.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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