vishudhan-reviewWhen you look at the filmography of director Vyshakh, the latest film Vishudhan will surely surprise you for the considerable decrease in the inclusion of typical humor, melodrama, romance etc. But the overall execution and concept doesn’t have anything which is that appealing or sensitive to make you feel for the tortured character or which makes the drastic and sensitive deviations of the story sensible to its viewers.

The plot here has the Priest Sunny as the main protagonist. He comes to a new church in a rural village. Vavachan is a big fish in that area and Father Sunny happens to know about Vavachan’s dark side, which literally changes his life. The hard phases he had to face, how he recovers from it and how injuries followed him is what basically this movie from Vyshakh trying to tell.

The positives I felt in the movie were in its treatment that wasn’t bombarded with usual commercial cinema flavors. And occasionally there were some good references to the conflicts in the ideologies of Christianity and what happens in real life nowadays. From those dialogs itself , it is quite clear that these conflicts are the reasons that prompted Vyshakh to do a film like this that has some serious fluctuations which can annoy conservative and religious minds. Where the movie fails is in creating that big pressure. When a nun and a priest decide to get married after having to face some serious humiliation, you will surely search for some solid reasons for that. The reason here may be convincing, but the events that lead to it was really clichéd and that takes away the shock which was necessary. The story navigates through various social issues, but the proportion was not that good.

On screen, Kunchako Boban is really apt for the character as it needed his style of coolness and anger. He added that grace nicely and was comfortable in emotional breakdowns too. Mia was okay in her role. Shalin did a decent job. Nandu was good in his character. Hareesh Peradi was ok as the antagonist, but his voice modulation and style lacked uniqueness as it reminded me of Kaitheri Sahadevan. Krishnakumar, Suraj Venjaramood, Lal (unused character) etc are also there in the star cast.

In the making side, honestly I liked the direction part. The framing looked really good. The script lacked enthusiasm in the beginning and heaviness in the second half. Dialogs are satisfactory. BGM was a bit too much. That duet song was really attractive with those unique vocals. Shehnad jalal’s visuals are catchy. Edits are fine.

On the whole I would say Vishudhan is an average film. After watching this I truly believe that Vyshakh can handle more mature content. My rating is a generous 2.5/5 for Vishudhan.  It’s not that easy to write and direct.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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