Viswa Vikhyatharaya Payyanmar

Viswa Vikhyatharaya Payyanmar is the name of the movie and I am still trying to figure out the reason why the writer director of the film named it like that. It’s about a bunch of boys who aren’t doing much with their lives. What is annoying about this movie is the script which looks like a chaotic amalgamation of a lot of parallel tracks. Literally five minutes in to the movie I was able to sense danger and the movie failed to prove me wrong.

Gopi and Lal are going to Ernakulam to meet a friend. In that long bus journey they happened to meet a priest and during conversation they told him the reason why they were going to Ernakulam. The film talks about the past of these friends and what they are planning to do after reaching Ernakulam.

What I have written in the above paragraph is not precisely the plot of this film. And that is the problem with this movie. It is frequently shifting its focus from one thing to another. The opening scene of the film has a few old men playing Mini Miltia. The jokes that they say in that particular scene clearly indicates how shabby the rest of the movie is going to be. And then the Happy Wedding style pointless narrative started and in the second half we are trying to remember what was the primary purpose of these two boys who came to Kochi and most importantly where is Lal (Aju Varghese)? It almost felt like director just asked which ever actor who was available to join Deepak for a scene.

Story here has this intention of showing the positive side of Karma through multiple narratives. Rajesh Kannankara’s Viswa Vikhyatharaya Payyanmar shows us the lamest depiction of that thought. The way the film lingers to Lal’s cursed tongue and some of those tacky comedy tracks clearly show they don’t have any sensible content to cater. There is no seriousness in the writing of serious situations and some of the serious outbursts of some characters are laughable. Cinematography isn’t that great. The editing looks cluttered. Background score and music are also on the underwhelming side.

Deepak Parambol plays the character in his usual style and so was the case with Aju Varghese who goes missing at one point and appears out of nowhere in the climax. Leema Babu is the heroine whose character behaves weirdly. Bhagath Manuel plays a caricature fraud. Sudhy Koppa is there who is almost like a substitute for Aju Varghese. Devan is there playing the role of a priest. Hareesh chips in with some murmuring jokes. And Manoj K Jayan is also there in a character that demands nothing from him.

Thankfully Viswa Vikhyatharaya Payyanmar is only 126 minutes long. I was frequently looking at my watch throughout this film. Viswa Vikhyatharaya Payyanmar is that boring.

Rating: 1.5/5

Final Thoughts

I was frequently looking at my watch throughout this film. Viswa Vikhyatharaya Payyanmar is that boring.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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