The slight amount of quirkiness in the treatment that doesn’t go for the usual heroism stuff, helps the new Vishnuvardhan movie Yatchan in being lively for its two and a half hour duration. But the kind of predictability and the not so convincing super natural elements makes the movie a watchable average entertainer.

Chinna is a local goon and also the head of Thala Ajith fans association in his area. Karthik is an aspiring actor who wants to make it big in cinema. The troubles in the rowdy life forces Chinna to move to Chennai and the aspiration and insistence of his girlfriend made Karthik go to Chennai for roles in movies. An unfortunate mix-up that happened seriously influences the fate of both these people and the plot of the film basically revolves around that part.

There is this layer of humor in every scene that helps Yatchan to be lively. If you look at the whole film there isn’t an exact moment where you would feel any real excitement. The interval punch and the subsequent events aren’t that innovative to give any surprises to the viewer. But as I said, Vishnuvardhan’s sensible level of humor mixing makes things passable for us. The verbal fun offers some moments of enjoyment. The supernatural element in the story seemed to be irrelevant as it never really made any drastic change to things that happen on screen. Also the build up of the villain demanded some more polishing.

On screen Arya performs in his usual “lazy” style. Luckily this time the character wasn’t a duffer like Saravanan. Personally I liked the performance of Kreshna over Arya. There was a good scope to perform and the actor grabbed the chance and gave an impressive act. Among the female leads Swati Reddy was really good. Deepa Sannidi was okay in her portrayal. Thambi Ramaiah was good and the villain played by Adil Hussain was okay. A better characterisation would have made the villain more interesting and venomous.

Vishnuvardhan has kept the movie in a digestible zone. He has given equal priorities to characters in the screenplay. But a little more clarity on the antagonist and a better idea of conflict was necessary for the movie. The dialogues don’t have much attitude but the comedy quotient was good. Cinematography was fine. Songs were okay and the placement of the songs was also fine.

On the whole Yatchan is a passable film with not much to talk about. The rating for the movie is 2.5/5. Vishnuvardhan hasn’t tried to overdo anything and that makes the movie watchable with scattered witty moments.

Final Thoughts

Vishnuvardhan hasn't tried to overdo anything and that makes the movie watchable with scattered witty moments.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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