100 Days of Love

Somewhere you might want to tag the movie 100 days of love as a dubbed version of a Hollywood Rom Com. With almost every frame having these glossy shots that looks so attractive, debutant director Jenuse Mohamed’s 100 Days of Love looks luxurious but fails to  make a good impression with its predictable and dull content. Comprising of an over written first half and a relatively humorous and sensible second half, the movie manages to grab the average title with the help of its sound technical side.

The movie is this love story between a journalist named B.K.N (Balan K Nair) and a girl named Sheela. After the break up with his ex girlfriend, Balan wasn’t in a great mood as everything was going against him. At that point of time he happens to see a glance of this attractive girl. A camera which belonged to her happened to be with Balan and the young lad along with his friend Ummer is on a hunt to find the girl. How the search goes and how it all ends is the story of 100 days of love.

If we analyze the movie closely we can easily find that the soul idea of it lies in the second half.  Tolerating the nonsensical behavior of the hero and his friend with those entire game levels thing is something that can frustrate you hugely. But where the movie recovers from all these damages is in its second half where we actually gets to see some romance. As I mentioned in the beginning, the excessive influence of western movies are there even in the content. If you are used to seeing Hollywood rom-coms there wont be much in the movie to surprise you. The one scene everyone made fun of in the trailer was the sequence where Dulquer Salmaan was dressed as Joker from Dark Knight. Interestingly that scene turned out to be the best scene in this unnecessarily long movie. The character making fun of the clichés of love denial made that scene really catchy and a few more such lighter moments are there in the second half which kind of brings in some amount of feel goodness in to the movie.

On screen Dulquer did his part nicely. I loved his performance in that drunken scene. Actor needs to improve in depicting heavy emotions. Nithya Menon’s self dubbing is a bit annoying in the beginning. But with her attractive and innocent smile, she easily fits into the character description of Sheela. Shekhar Menon is just about okay. Rahul Madhav struggled with his dialogue delivery. I really don’t know the significance of Aju’s character. Vineeth, V K Prakash and Praveena did their small characters nicely.

As a director Jenuse may have inspired ideas to design the frames as visually appealing ones, but he should really seek help from his father in keeping things engaging. A basic flaw in the script written by Jenuse is that it is heavily dull for a longer duration. And ironically the dullness becomes evident when he tries to add “fun” to the script. The double role was a mishit. The unpolished writing and execution of the first half of the movie has made things a bit uncomfortable. Dialogues are occasionally pleasing. I liked the Hridhyathin Niramayi song. The simplistic background score was nice. Applauds to the cinematography of Pradeesh Varma which gave every frame a grand attire.

So to sum it up, I would say 100 days of love is an average comedy. The rating for this Jenuse Mohamed movie is 2.5/5. The magic that was required to make Sheela love Balan K Nair was not there.

Final Thoughts

The magic that was required to make Sheela love Balan K Nair was not there.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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