You Too Brutus

The problem with most of the recent Malayalam movies that came under the “new generation” label was that they always try to overdo the small content they have. The good thing about the movie You Too Brutus is that it sticks to its basic agenda. You might feel that there is no story part in the film, but there are movies that basically runs on presenting certain situations in a humorous manner and in that way You Too Brutus is a fun film with enough to laugh for it’s just above 100 minutes run time.

The movie basically focuses on a particular phase of a group of people. Abhi is a recording studio owner who left his only brother Hari when he had to marry his love Aparna. Vicky is a professional photographer who is living with his girlfriend. Tovino is a body builder/ gym instructor who is living with Hari. Unni is their cook and Sherly is Vicky’s friend and an aspiring singer. On a particular phase of life they are all in a difficult situation tackling different scenarios that has something to do with cheating or getting cheated. How it all happens is what the basic idea of You Too Brutus.

As I said in the beginning, there is no clear cut storyline for the movie. It is a movie that manages to be engaging throughout its narrative by having some smartly visualized humor. It never moves into that sloppy melodrama mood and I liked the way the script managed to stay humorous even in those situations which kind of started to fizzle away from the funny mood. Storyline being a wafer thin one is probably the only demerit of the movie and as we consider story as an integral part of cinema it becomes a major drawback. With almost every character written in the movie getting equal significance, You Too Brutus is an enjoyable one time watch.

Asif Ali managed to be kind of good with his portrayal of Abhi. There were a few portions were the actor slightly failed to handle the humor. Rachana was nice in her character. Sreenivasan handled the humor nicely. Anu Mohan impressed me as Vicky. It was nice to see expressions on the face of Honey Rose. Sudhy Koppa as Unni was a delightful character. Ahmed Siddique’s struggle to act made his character look funnier. Well the star of the show surprisingly was none other than Tovino Thomas who performed really well as Tovino. The actor has the capacity to do comedy with timing and I hope he won’t get type casted after this movie.

Compared to his last movie Theevram (which didn’t impressed me much) there was a great improvement in direction from Roopesh Peethambaran. He has tried to create a signature style and surely people will notice that. I was a bit surprised to see that weird interval scene and ultimately it impressed me. The good thing about the screenplay is that it occupies its entire duration with lively scenes.  The dialogues are humorous and less melodramatic. Nice visuals and smart cuts. Music matches the feel of the movie and the background score was also nice.

Overall I enjoyed watching this small fun film with less vulgar humor and small doses of sarcasm here and there. The rating for You Too Brutus is 3/5. For a runtime of 101 minutes, it’s a harmless one time watch entertainer with enough to make you laugh.

Final Thoughts

It’s a harmless one time watch entertainer with enough to make you laugh.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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