3- Three

The much hyped KOLAVERI sensation “3” is definitely a different movie. But a dragging second half and a too much straight forward narrative will surely gonna disappoint people who have much expectation from the movie as a commercial entertainer. Aiswarya Dhanush’s “3” is a movie that can be called as both commercial and parallel cinema.
The movie is about a couple, their romance and the misunderstanding and many other issues.  There is no big suspense for the movie even though the movie is presented like that. Set on the backdrop of Bipolar disorder, “3” is the story of an intensively loving couple deciding to live together and what happens with their lives. The film has a flash back structure with the story going through two sessions of the main protagonists lives. One during schooling (first half) and the second half the rest of their lives.
First half of the movie is thoroughly enjoyable with practical jokes, simple and natural making and all. Both Sruthi and Dhanush has done their part very neatly in this part. Aiswarya also deserves a special mention for making the narration calm and interesting. The suspicious end to the second half was to generate some anxiety in the audiences mind and to give it a commercial feel. But this strategy came out as negative as the audience expected a much better climax. Too lengthy sequences to show us the intensity of the character’s pain were not that effective because of the duration of particular sequences.
In the onscreen side, Dhanush was really good. I liked Sruthi as the innocent school girl, but as the matured wife, she was a little disappointing. Prabhu, Bhanupriya and the rest of the cast also did what they were asked for.
In the technical side, Aiswarya is definitely a promising director. The screenplay was good in the first half, but too dragging in second half with a rather unconvincing suspicious narrative. I loved the practically brutal action sequence in the  second half which succeeded in showing the anger of Dhanush’s character. Songs are really enjoyable. The picturization of KOLAVERI is good.  Editing could have been made better especially in the second half.
Overall, “3” is an enjoyable one time watch. It is not as appealing as films like “Mayakkam Enna”. But still, some sincerity is there behind the movie.
I am giving 3 out of 5 for Aiswarya Dhanush’s “3”


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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