Comparing to his first movie ATHMAKATHA, Premlal’s new venture OUTSIDER is definitely not up to the expectation. OUTSIDER is a slow paced revenge movie powered by some solid performances from the main protagonists.

It is a story of a caring father Sivan kutty, played by Sreenivasan and the unfortunate incidents happening his life after the entry of a notorious criminal Lawrence played by Pasupathi. The OUTSIDER of the movie is Pasupathy’s Lawrence. But there wasnt a credible reason to make Lawrence the so called huge villain.

The onscreen side has the positives of OUTSIDER. Truly brilliant performances by both Sreenivasan and Pasupathy. Sreenivasan as the caring father and Pasupathy as the psycho criminal was excellent. Really loved the scene were Sreenivasan’s character lashes out at Lawrence for comparing his daughter and Lawrence’s slutty wife. Indrajith’s role is really small and not much important in the context of the main story thread. Sai Kumar also delivers a good performance.

The main disappointment is in the making of the movie. the direction of the movie is convincing. The slow pace of the movie takes away the thriller feel, especially in the first half. The straight forward content can not go to an unpredictable level and the audience are forced to get satisfied by seeing the performances. Sameer Haq has captured the beauty of Thekkady in his frames.Calm BGM and traditional music are satisfying.


Overall, OUTSIDER is a slow thriller with good performances and too less freshness in content.
I am going out with 2.5 /5 for Premlal’s OUTSIDER. Watch it for some intense performances.

Final Thoughts

OUTSIDER is a slow thriller with good performances and too less freshness in content.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.


  1. MY FILM REVIEW – “WRATH OF THE TITANS”. Absolutely breath taking action and special effects and the story is alot better than the first part (CLASH OF THE TITANS). Its fantasy world at its finest with one eye giants, two faced fire soliders, devil himself and a flying horse (the list can go on) and the 3D addition makes it all that more entertaining and brilliant to watch. However the down fall for this movie is the complicated story line that is both confusing and unrealistically stupid in parts and i feel that this is very common when directors choose to make films based on story books, religion and fairy tales, but then again Harry Potters, Lord Of The Rings and The Ten Commandments (Moses) were such movies and proved to be huge box office hits. My rating for WRATH OF THE TITANS is a very good 8/10.

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