Arabheem Ottakom P Madhavan Nairum

Just finished watching “Arabheem Ottakom P Madhavan Nairum(AOPN)”. In one word its an impressive movie. I said impressive, not excellent or brilliant. Priyadarshan who has been struggling with poor and similar scripts in Hindi has found a story that is suitable for his style. I have heared from many sources that the movie is not upto the mark n all. But for me it was thoroughly enjoyable. May be becoz I expected a slap stick comedy and got a better one.

“AOPN” is story of an NRI who is currently in a good job profile after struggling a lot. The movie core part happens due to Madhavan Nair misunderstanding his lover. The plot has every scope for adding typical Priyadarshan chaos jokes and all those jokes were executed impressively.
The direction and dialogs of Priyadarshan were really good. Direction wise Priyadarshan really showed his experience. Abhilash Nair’s screenplay was good in the first half but flawed a little bit in a few places in the second half. Technical side of the film is solid. Art direction of Sabu Cyril , Editing of Suresh, Cinematography of Azhagappan were all up to the mark. The quad bike sequence had a really good perfection.

Performance wise, Mohanlal has delivered a kick ass performance. Character structure is similar to Kakkakuyil and Chandralekha but still he did it very neatly. Mukesh in combination with Lal was really a joy to watch. Many dialogs were there in the first which really made the audience LOL. Suraj Venjaramood also did a superb comical performance. While Bhavana did her role neatly Lakshmi Rai disappointed. Lakshmi Rai’s acting style was kind of over dramatic. Many characters were there which we expect in a Priyadarshan movie like the characters of Nedumudi Venu, Innocent, Mamukkoya. Shakthi Kapoor did his small role neatly.

A top to bottom copied song(“Madhavettanennum…”), similarity in treatment are the negatives of this movie.
Overall Arabheem Ottakom P Madhavan Nairum is an impressive movie. Mohanla fans will like it for sure and the neutrals wont blame it for sure.
AOPN is an enjoyable watch. I am giving 3/5 for this Priyadarshan movie.
While Vencile Vyapari failed to deliver what audience expected Madhavan Nair delivered more than what was expected.
Its a personal view. You can have your version.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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