Vellaripraavinte Changaathi

Akku Akhbar’s “Vellaripravinte Changathi” is a honest and fresh concept. But the problem is in the story and execution. Being a fresh concept is not enough to make a movie impressive. The response I got for the movie before watching it was very positive. But after watching the movie what I felt was not the same. There wasnt any claps among the audience. The best response I got was “Not Bad”.

“Vellari Pravinte Changathi” as a whole fails to connect to the audience in the emotional side. The movie is set on the backdrop of an unreleased old Malayalam movie “Vellari Pravinte Changathi”. The films director come producer Augustine Joseph suicides as the film couldnt make it to the theaters due to various reasons. Years after his son Manikkunju (Indrajith) comes to Gemini Lab for a job and finds his dad’s first and last creation and decides to release the movie. In the process he also searches for those who acted in the movie and why the movie wasnt released etc.The plot seems to be perfect for a thriller climax. But the climax was very much melodramatic.

Dileep and Kavya Madhavan plays the role of Shajahan and Mary Varghese, two cine actors. They are the lead pair of Augustine Joseph’s “Vellari Pravinte Changathi”. Manoj K Jayan plays the charactor of another cine artist in the movie. The Major part of the first half of the movie is the original “Vellari Pravinte Changathi”. The first half is enjoyable because of its variety and impressive performances. There were many scenes in the beginning of the movie where the makers teased the Hollywood dvd reference movie making style now present in our industry.

But in the second half the story goes to an all too different level. The script was not able to convey the full emotion. Eventhough the script writer GS Anil tried to convince the audience about practical thoughts through dialogs, it wasnt enough. If a movie like “Vellaripravinte Changathi” is released these days, it can only make just a hype. The movie shows the situation in an exaggerated manner. The script was very weak in those scenes.

In the performance side Dileep was a little comical at times. Kavya Madhavan was impressive. In my view the best performer in the movie was Manoj K Jayan. Indrajith,Seenath, Mamukkoya, Vijayaraghavan and many others in the cast delivered a standard performance.
In the technical side, both direction and screenplay flawed in the second half. Cinematography was impressive in the first half but wasnt good in the second half. The old Look make up of Dileep and Saikumar was almost like a fancy dress. Young Skin and old hair. They used old style sound in the stunt sequences of original “Vellaripravinte Changathi”. But a final fight scene was also given the same style of sound. An error from the sound department I guess.

Overall “Vellaripravinte Changathi” of Akku Akbhar is an average movie with a fresh theme. In my view the movie requires a thrilling climax. The overall response I am getting for the movie is good. So just take this as a feedback. Make a verdict only after watching the movie and do let me know your impression about the movie.
My rating 2.5/5

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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