A Walk Among the Tombstones

It’s one more psycho killer thriller movie and this time we have the quintessential solo kidnapper snatcher Liam Neeson doing the leading character. A walk among the tombstones is that slow thriller with fair amount of freshness and a treatment that has shown violence in an atrocious way.

The story is about Matthew Scudder, who is a retired cop. He was an alcoholic who is still living with the guilt of something he did in the past. A drug dealer Kenny approaches him for a private help to find out the two persons who killed his wife and the movie tells us about this private investigation by Matthew to find out the psycho bastard.

The level of brutality is something that will grab your attention from the beginning of the movie itself. The way they have pictured all those gun shots, suicides and a few more similar things can really shake you. And also there are some characters in the film that are unique, especially TJ played by Brian “Astro” Bradley. The association of Matt and TJ had a smooth build up.

As I said, Scott Frank has kept the movie in its brutal best without making it look vulgar. But watching a moody Liam Neeson doing almost the same kind of role again will not generate any interest in you. The investigation is slow and curiosity generating. There is a parallel personal mental conflict of Matthew happening in the film which I believe didn’t get that much of a relevance in the screenplay. It’s true that you can’t spend another half an hour for that. But when that girl reads the 12 points towards the end, the feeling required was missing. Cinematography was good, edits were crisp.

On screen Liam Neeson repeats himself and I think he should get some honorary title from the US Cops for doing these investigations. Dan Stevens was good as Kenny Kristo. David Harbour did justice to his psycho villain character. Loved the performance of Brian Bradley as TJ.

Overall, A Walk Among the Tombstones is a watchable thriller that looks real at many points. My rating for this Liam Neeson psycho chase is 3/5.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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