There is nothing really unpredictable about the storyline of Khoobsurat starring Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan. But still as an entertaining humorous rom-com the film works for you beyond your expectation. With a deliberate attempt to keep the atmosphere positive, romantic and cheerful Khoobsurat has done justice to its name.

Khoobsurat shows us the events that happen in a Rathore palace after the arrival of a physiotherapist Mili. Mili is there to treat the king who can’t walk after an accident. The cheerful Punjabi is an alienated character among these royal faces that are living a too disciplined (somewhat boring) life. How she treats the reluctant king and the effect of her presence in the palace is what this “royal misfit” story talking about.

As I said it’s not that the events happening in the script will surprise us with its freshness. Soon after the introduction of every character, anyone with commonsense will know what all are going to happen in this story. But it’s the way they presented it that makes a great difference. The fun element of placing a vivacious Punjabi in an army camp like palace has been used completely and the pairing of Fawad Khan and Sonam Kapoor really adds a pleasing factor over this one.  And there is this quirky take on the confused state of minds when they fell in love. Interestingly both Daawat-e-Ishq and Khoobsurat has very little space for melodrama and yet both looked sensible.

It is Sonam Kapoor who drives the film forward with her sparkling Mili avatar. It’s that perky character who just can’t tolerate the reasons of others to stay closed. Fawad Khan certainly has a future in this industry with his ravishing looks. The guy’s acting also has that thing to stay in the business.  Kirron Kher was hilarious as that spontaneous Punjabi mother. Ratna Pathak looks like the official Rathore daughter in law (one more after Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na) and she was good in her character. Nice performance from Aamir Raza Hussain as well.

In the making Shashanka Ghosh has done a good job in terms of keeping things lively and interesting. Scripting is probably the only downside of the film as it lacks surprises. Dialogues were good. Cinematography was nice. Music was also good. Interesting BGMs and good art work too.

Overall Khoobsurat succeeds in entertaining you without surprises. If you are looking for a weekend entertainer with friends or family, this sweet funny film will surely please you. I am giving it a score of 3/5.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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