Acha Din

The new Mammootty movie Acha Din is undoubtedly competing with Mohanlal’s Lokpal in many levels of film making. Both movies had the superstars delivering fair enough performances but also had extremely shoddy writing and making. Made on a platform that borrows the idea from many successful movies that glorifies the efforts of a common man, this movie looks tacky in every angle.

Durgaprasad is a Jharkhand born worker who is here for the last 20 years (I never knew 20 years can make someone speak Malayalam that fluently and Hindi bit awkwardly). His wife is pregnant and the poor lower class guy at one point is forced to take her to a private hospital. His decision to forgive someone to earn some quick money for wife’s operation ends up in a situation where he finds himself responsible for a possible mishap. How Durgaprasad acts against this is the story of Acha Din.

Well when both writing and direction fails to give an authentic feel to a movie, that causes a colossal damage and that’s exactly what happened to Acha Din. The movie’s story sounds very amateurish and the making adds insult to injury. Vijeesh’s writing seems like an idea that came out of peripheral research through similar movies. The attempts to show certain social preaching looks very bizarre on screen. The sentiments of characters are too much in every single frame and the background scorer seems to be in total confusion of whether to keep it sentimental or comical. The terrorists look like real idiots who hasn’t done any background study about their “mighty operation”. The intelligence of Durgaprasad and the police officials are also quite laughable.

On screen Mammootty has driven the bicycle through a lot of places in Kochi. Only a few scenes in this poor screenplay demanded his performance. Mansi Sharma is mostly in bed speaking Hindi without any energy (maternity issues I guess.). Padmaraj Ratheesh was terrible as Muneer. The actor’s dialogue delivery and expressions were really disappointing. His partners were also lame. Kishore and Sudheer Karamana were wasted in poorly written characters. Maniyanpilla Raju, Renji Panicker, Saju Navodaya and Kunchan are there in roles that we won’t even remember.

G Marthandan’s making looks very poor. It seems like the director isn’t looking for the basic visual quality of the film. Shaky cameras of low quality has been used. The clichés have been made in the most clichéd manner (he is yet to see Chirakodinja Kinavukal I guess.). Vijeesh who earlier wrote a “Pursuit of Happiness” inspired Emmanuel, fails to find a good inspiration this time. The melodrama is too much and the predictability is also too high. The song by G Venugopal was a nice one to hear. Background score was disturbing. Stunts were choreographed very pathetically. Cinematography and edits were also poor.

Overall Acha Din isn’t Acha at all. With nothing really coming out as a positive, you might end up giggling towards the end. Rating for G Marthandan’s Acha Din is 1.5/5. Let’s hope the one that may happen 25 years later will be good.

Final Thoughts

With nothing really coming out as a positive, you might end up giggling towards the end.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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