Madhura Naranga

It comes with the label of being a based on a true story movie. Well that seriously creates a curiosity among the viewers. But ultimately Madhura Naranga is a typically treated drama with humor and sentiments. Writer Nishad Koya who has written two movies known for their humorous dialogues, once again manages to deliver the comedy and that keeps the movie lively to be an average creation at the end.

Jeevan, Salim and Kumar are working in the Middle East in various jobs and they live in one apartment. Salim is married and the remaining two are single. One day Jeevan happens to meet a helpless Srilankan girl Thamara who was facing some legal troubles. Jeevan’s decision to help her and the consequences they all had to face after this is the focus of Sugeeth’s Madhura Naranga.

The emotional side of the story, an Indian man falling in love with a Srilankan girl and the troubles that came their way may be what inspired the makers to do a movie based on that. But that part of the movie never really has that interesting or unique feel. It looks like they just changed the backdrop of many other typical love stories. What was engaging by the way was the humor that was there in the content. The bachelor/NRI life jokes that were presented by Nishad Koya had that charm to keep us entertained for some time. With Neeraj Madhav doing the comedy with good timing, combination of the three actors offers some good moments of laughter.

Kunchako Boban was okay in portraying the role of Jeevan. Good work by the makeup artist who gave a convincing look to Kunchako Boban when his character visits Srilanka. Biju Menon as always stole the show with his typical style comedy. Neeraj Madhav is a really good prospect for Malayalam cinema. The actor performed really well overall. Parvathy Ratheesh has the looks to be a leading lady and Madhura Naranga has only tested her gloomy mood. She should thank her dubbing artist Raveena Ravi for adding the much required expressions through the voice. Supporting cast has people like Aparna Nair, Sadiq, Suraj Venjaramood and a few more who were okay in their characters. Tamil actor Ganja Karuppu was annoying.

The treatment given to the movie by Sugeeth is quite typical and that’s one reason why you won’t feel much excitement of being a “based on true story” movie. Melodrama was a little too high in the script but the humor did the trick at many areas. Witty dialogues really clicked and the remaining were theatrical. Good cinematography from Faisal Ali and the edits were also nice. They could have given Neeraj Madhav more costumes. Too many songs are there and I liked that Tamil Malayalam love song the most, for both visual beauty and catchy music.

Overall Madhura Naranga is a passable average flick with some good humorous moments. The rating for the movie is 2.5/5.

Final Thoughts

Writer Nishad Koya once again manages to deliver the comedy and that keeps the movie lively to be an average creation at the end


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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