Saw AGNEEPATH, the first big release of this year from Bollywood. Well the movie is really good. Only thing that can be said against the movie is the relevance of such a story in these days. Other wise this is the best ever remake I have seen. They have given 100% justice to the word REMAKE. The script has undergone a top to bottom reconstruction.

The story of Vijay Dheenanath Chowhan was presented in a fresh way by Karan Malhothra. There are many changes from the original 1990 version. The character played by Mithun Chakrabarthy is not there in the movie. An additional character of Rauf Lala, played by Rishi Kapoor is there in the movie. The character sketch of Vijay, Kanjha, Shiksha etc are totally different from the original one. The character played by Madhavi in the older one has no connection with the Kaali played by Priyanka. Some of the scenes in the original version were placed in different locations and none of them looked awkward. Many scenes were included very beautifully to the newer version using the new characters. While the old version shows Vijay as a Powerful man from the beginning, the new version shows us how he becomes powerful. Comparing to the older version the director has successfully overcame the danger of cliche family melodrama.

In the performance side Hrithik has not gone for a gimmick of Big B. He has given freshness to Vijay in his own way. Kaanjha of Sunjay Dutt is super cool. Totally different from the old businessman Kaanjha. Priyanka’s Bubbly Kaali was a very small role compared to the earlier version. Rishi Kappor’s character is also really good. First half doesnt offer much for Hrithik to perform. But in the second half especially towards the climax he has done a fabulous job. Chikni chameli was a smokin hot iem number from Katrina.

Technically, direction is really good. We can expect more standard stuff from Karan Malhothra. Screenplay is also good. It lags a little bit in the second half. But considering the scenario its not a big issue. The action sequences were executed really in a brutal manner. Songs are also very catchy. The Sonu Nigam song was a really sweet one. Truly in sync BGM. Eye candy cinematography.

Overall AGNEEPATH is a beautiful remake of the original one. It is totally different from the original. Only basic story thread is taken. My rating for Dharma Production’s AGNEEPATH is 3.5/5.
If you are a fan of original AGNEEPATH, you wont regret watching this one.

Final Thoughts

AGNEEPATH is a beautiful remake of the original one. It is totally different from the original. Only basic story thread is taken.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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