Second Show

Dulqar Salman’s debut movie “Second Show” is definitely not a total crap. Its a Hatke movie. A different treatment. Those who like the movies of directors like Lijo Jose Pallasery will really find this movie’s making very interesting.

About the movie, its the story of a quotation gang, who just grows from a small level to a great height through smuggling n all. The way the story moves is the interesting thing here. Its not a typical commercial malayalam movie were first half is full of comedy, 2nd half tension, action and happy ending. All these emotions are distributed all over the movie. They have tried to picturize life at its row form. Kind of treatment we saw in films like City of God, Delhi Belly etc. Even the humorous situations involving the character of Baburaj was highly entertaining because of its raw style.The way Lalu reacts to his mom’s concerns were really satirical. The idea of having a narrative style was nice.

About the on screen performance, well Dulqar Salman is talented, the only problem I felt in his acting is the dialog delivery. Too dramatic in my view, becoz the rest of the characters aren’t that dramatic in dialog delivery. The real performer in my View is Nelson Mandela P.P alias Sunny Sujith. He made the audience laugh and clap even with his small gestures. Villain character portrayed by Sudesh Berry had very little to do. The heroine Gauthami is also promising. Baburaj once again delivered a super performance as chaver vaavachan. All the supporting actors were good.

The film excels and fails in the technical side. The director Srinath Rajendran is a super talent and he has a bight future. The problem I found in Second Show is the screenplay. Pace of the script is uneven. Distracting at times becoz of its dragging nature. Many scenes were not having the punch it required. Dialogs also were not upto the standard. Some dialogs were hilarious and punchy. But in the melodramatic situations the dialogs were a little out of sync. Editing was fine. No big bang effects in the camera department. Mostly hand held. Rough action sequences.

Overall “Second Show” goes to the category of films like City of God, Chaappa Kurishu etc. Family audience will find some part disturbing, young generation might find the emotional areas a little awkward, but if you like to see realistic movies, SECOND SHOW will impress you.

My rating for director Sreenath Rajendran’s SECOND SHOW is 3/5.
Impressive, brave attempts with the flaws of a beginner.
*Strictly Personal view.

Final Thoughts

If you like to watch realistic movies, SECOND SHOW will impress you.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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