All in All Azhagu Raja

all-in-all-azhagu-raja-reviewWhen compared to the recent comedy films that we have seen in Tamil, I must say that All in all azhagu raja has some interesting new interpretations on conventional treatments. The usual exaggerated humor gets replaced with some witty spoofs. The run time of almost 3 hours and the fact that there is no real depth or strength in the basic idea makes this movie an average one time watch.

The story here has the title protagonist Azhaghu Raja managing his own private tv channel AAA TV. During a wedding function he falls in love with a girl Chitra Devi Priya. The movie then simply focuses on Azhagu Raja’s attempt to convince the girl, his family and her family about his love for Devi Priya.

Azhagu Raja is that weird screenplay where you won’t find that typical conflict zone or any emotional dramas. What I loved about this film was this attempt to treat things in that cool manner. How often you get to see a hero sincerely humiliating his gorgeous lover saying she is a pathetic singer. The entire flash back segment in the second half also has that spoof feel. More than Kathi, I think Santhanam has got the better of screen time and it wasn’t that boring.

On screen Karthi is quite pleasing in his dual avatar. His loud reaction towards Kajal’s character’s claim that she is a good singer was hilarious. And the guy was comfortable in those retro parts too. Kajal Aggarwal did her funny/goofy role nicely. Santhanam once again scores with his typical rendering. Prabhu and Saranya were really good and it was good fun to see Aadukalam Naren doing comedy.

In the making, Rajesh’s direction is good enough to keep the film light. But it’s the scripting part that’s too weak here. Storyline is wafer thin and the second half that goes on and on with irrelevant incidents makes the movie boring. But you still get those small crackers from Santhanam and Karthi by teasing the typical formulas in the midst of all these. No dialog is meant to be “serious” and the fun was there for sure. Cuts are nice and cinematography was also good. Songs and BGM are on the ok side.

Overall, All in all Azhagu Raja is a fun film made for the festive season. I won’t call it as a brain drainer, but a three hour long film without any focus will surely test your patience. My rating is a 2.5/5 for this Karthi film. No story, no fights, no tears and no threatening; just simple fun.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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