Krrish 3

On a particular scene in the movie, Krrish tells Kaal that he can’t kill him because he has the blessing of his father and prayers of every child. Well in a way Rakesh Roshan is trying to say that this movie can never become a flop, because there are enough seniors who like 80’s melodrama and the hero Hrithik Roshan has that huge fan following among children. Krrish 3 is that uneven mix of outdated melodrama and surprisingly impressive visual effects supported by the stunning performance of Hrithik. Starting from usual super heroism of saving lives, Krrish 3 snatches a lot from every possible super hero film and a bit from our own Shakthiman too.

The third part here has this new antagonist Kaal who is powerful but paralyzed. He creates deadly viruses secretly and earns millions by making anti dots for it. Plot here goes to its focus with Kaal planning his virus attacks in India. With India (if world means New York to Hollywood, India means Mumbai to Bollywood) having a super hero, things aren’t easy for Kaal. And Krrish here also finally gets someone who is as strong as him. How this battle for power concludes is what basically Krrish 3 is trying to show us.

Frankly I was surprised to see the level of perfection of the graphics in the film as the trailer quality was bizarre. And for viewers who are not that exposed to recent Hollywood action flicks, Krrish 3 offers some delightful set pieces. What is annoying is definitely the creative writing part of this movie. Only an under 10 kid will find the storyline interesting. The people around me were successfully predicting the next emotional move that Rakesh Roshan would show us. The expired formulas we have seen in Mr Roshan’s old films like the father-son love, pregnancy torture and brother melodrama etc are there to stretch the plot.

Doing this kind of a double role isn’t that easy at all and Hrithik has impressed me quite a lot. Frankly he is the guy who literally carries the whole movie (the building too). Priyanka’s role doesn’t have much challenges and she has done it nicely. Vivek Oberoi is pleasing as Kaal; a mix of Magneto and Prof. Xavier. Kangana Ranaut was good in her character, but Rakesh Rosshan’s idea to make the mutant romance the superhero with such a pathetic song was really disappointing. The other mutants are mere stunt men.

The direction doesn’t deserve any great acknowledgment in terms of quality or vision. But the attempt was not to make a bad craft and make money out of hype and that deserves an appreciation. Cinematography and edits are satisfactory. Background score was cool. Music is a big bore. Art section was also unconvincing. Finally the main star, VFX; as I said above, it surprised me. It’s not that it was flawless, but the flaws looked adjustable and the heaviness of the climax fight between Kaal and Krrish is sure to impress you.

Overall, it’s that special film where you will regularly find irregularities and unbaked pieces, but still enjoy it. Acknowledging the stunning performance of Hrithik Roshan and surprisingly good visual effects, it’s a 3/5 for Krrish 3. Good for Diwali.

Final Thoughts

It’s that special film where you will regularly find irregularities and unbaked pieces, but still enjoy it.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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