The Indrajith starrer Angels become more disappointing when the movie reaches the climax and it is not because the movie was a trash, it is because we kind of sense that it had the potential to be a good thriller. With an experimental back and forth narrative that fails to create an excitement, Angels becomes a directorial failure which couldn’t utilize its thriller take.

Hameem Hyder had to take break from his police service after getting shot during the investigation of a serial killing. Nearly after two years when he returns to the service, there isn’t much improvement in the investigation. A TV channel’s investigation related program named 3rd Eye takes up the case and decides to present it in front of society. The dramatic incidents that happen after the show gets a telecast and how the culprit is found through this process is what Angels discussing.

Debutant director Jean Markose, who also shares credit in the writing part, has tried to narrate it differently. But the uneven cuts, BGM’s, presentation of songs and the deliberate spooky feel in the first half makes the audience restless as the buildups of the so called suspense looked irrelevant.  The grey tone of the content makes it a bit sloppy in terms of pace. You would sense certain similarities between memories and angels. But when compared to Angels, Memories had a captivating tempo and also multiple layers.

In terms of screen time, I think Joy Mathew has a bigger share and there are times where the mad priest looked awkward in the actor’s hands. Indrajith was good as Hameem Hyder. Asha Sharath was also nice. Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli wasn’t that impressive especially because of the dubbing. Baiju, Prem Prakash and many others are there in the cast who did a decent job.

In the making, as I said Jean Markose’s attempt lacked excitement especially in the first half. We kind of get bored because of the unnecessary build up of the situation in the beginning. Even though the climax makes things look sensible as an idea, there are some whys inside us that question the moody first half. Screenplay needed more polishing. Dialogues aren’t that natural. Cinematography and music are very much in the average zone.

Angels is an execution failure that had the scope to be a really interesting thriller. Acknowledging the efforts to make a sensible thriller that also threw light on a less discussed topic (killing of fetus), I am going with a 2.5/5 for this thriller that failed to thrill. Angels is a onetime watch.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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