Kaaviya Thalaivan

Kaaviya Thalaivan is a healthy competition of talents. Set in the 1920’s and 30’s, this period drama goes through the egoistic competition of two stage artists. Utilizing the time where the movie is set to its fullest by including sub plots that happened during that period, this movie from Vasanthabalan never disappoints its viewer.

Sivadas Swamigal runs a drama troop in Tamil Nadu. Kali and Gomathi are his disciples who portray significant roles in the dramas they do and they also have the ambition to be the best one day. While Kali isn’t that obsessed about being the best, Gomathi has this severe thirst to do the hero part and that ignites a complex in him which makes him go against Kali. The journey of Gomathi and Kali with this secret competition within them and how it all ends is what Kaaviya Thalaivan discussing.

It is the well written characters that give Kaaviya Thalaivan that depth. Jeyamohan and Vasanthabalan haven’t tried to keep the competition between the antagonist and protagonist to happen only in the stage. There is a scene towards the climax where Gomathi admits his ego by listing out the instances which made him restless. Narrative isn’t happening in a hurry, but still there is a nice pace for the script which helps the movie in being energetic even after having these dramatic egos as its driving factors. The performance driven movie has some really good scenes which showcases the calibre of its cast.

The performance part, that’s the place this movie scores enormously. Siddharth was superb as Kali. There is a kind of energy and grace in Kali which makes the character a likeable one and the actor has carried that energy throughout the movie. Nassar has shown his experience as Swamigal. Vedhika also scores with her dance and expressions. Anaika Soti was slightly disappointing as the actors around her were delivering excellent performances. Thambi Ramaiah was also good in his character. Well I have saved the best for the last and his name is Prithviraj. This is probably the actor’s career best performance. Gomathi Nayagam is egoistic, romantic, caring and self obsessed and Prithviraj has portrayed the character excellently. The scene where Gomathi questions Vadivambal about her soft corner towards Kali was something surprising from the actor who is more of a star in his industry.

Vasanthabalan has treated the movie very elegantly. As I said, through small musical packages and bubbly romance sequences he has kept the movie moving. The screenplay successfully integrates all the drama related competitions and the subsequent socio political developments which give an authentic feel to the story. Impressive cinematography from Nirav Shah and beautiful music from Madras Mozart A R Rahman.   Art Direction and costumes also deserves appreciation in this period drama.

Overall Kaaviya Thalaivan is a master stroke form Vasanthabalan that has great performances and a story set in a unique premise. The rating is 4/5 for Kaaviya Thalaivan. Power packed performances will surely make you happy.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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