Angry Babies

The latest Saji Surendran film Angry Babies has a very predictable storyline with usual elements that Mr Krishna Poojappura adds to his stories about modern day relationships. It is a watchable flick mainly because of its witty conversations that suited the typical Anoop Menon style of acting. When compared to the last few works of both the director and the writer Angry Babies has less amount of annoyance.

The film tells us the story of a couple Jeevan and Sarah who came to Mumbai after getting married. It was a runaway marriage and after a year of togetherness they decided to separate as they couldn’t accommodate one another. The family court asks them to stay together for a six month period before a legal separation will be given to them and the film mainly focuses on the incidents that happen in this period of time.

The credits in the beginning showed that the story is by Anoop Menon and the screenplay and dialogues are penned by Mr Krishna Poojappura. But after watching the film it looked like Screenplay and Story  is by Krishna Poojappura and dialogues are written by Anoop Menon. It felt like that to me as I have seen the films of both these people. The developments in the story with new characters will surely remind you of the other films came from Saji Surendran – Krishna Poojappura team. But by reducing the dosage of melodrama and also by adding some normal/ humorous dialogues in the film Angry Babies easily fits into the harmless tagline. A share of credit for this harmlessness can be given to the just above two hours run time too.

Technical side of the movie is pretty weak. Saji Surendran follows his usual pattern in presentation. Screenplay also can’t create an interesting flush to the story which we all know will end on a happy knot. Unlike his other screenplays Krishna Poojappura has reduced the melodrama. That interval fight was a bizarre execution of that famous Parakkum Thalika sequence and the channel interview was nonsense. As I said dialogues created a good impression and it helps the movie in a big way. The congested interior shots kind of give suffocation and most of the exterior shots looked amateur. Don’t know who did the DI, but in that Mannath sequence Bhavana was awkwardly yellow (forgot to wash her turmeric facial?). Edits were poor. Satisfactory work from Bijibal with the music.

Anoop Menon and Bhavana share a nice on screen chemistry and that really helps the movie. Both of them have handled their egoistic characters very nicely. Anusree’s character was supposed to be annoying and knowingly or unknowingly she did just that. Joju George once again plays that womanizer comedian and it was enjoyable too. Nobi’s character was also funny in that second half. Rest of the cast was also comfortable playing those characters.

Angry Babies on the whole is an average product that surely won’t make you angry. If you have seen the recent works of the director and writer, it might even surprise you. My rating is 2.5/5 for this Saji Surendran film. It’s a passable comedy.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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