Its high time Sajid Khan realizes that it’s movie not a Bollywood award night skit. Triple role of three lead characters as lookalikes itself is an annoyingly idiotic idea and when Sajid packaged it with rotten jokes and got pathetic overacting from his cast, Humshakals becomes a horrible experience for the viewer.

The movie focuses on the life of Ashok Singhania who is a pathetic wannabe standup comedian but is a multi millionaire as his father is a business tycoon who right now is in coma. His uncle has some crooked plans to get the power of attorney of the company and Ashok is unaware of it. How uncle plans these, how the plan fails and how Ashok manages to fix all the mess is what Humshakals taking about. (Hurray! I got it)

After having seen Himmatwala and House full my expectation was in that “meh” zone as the trailer of the film made me do a face palm. Well in a scene in Humshakals the mental patients are given shock treatment by making them watch Sajid Khan Version of Himmatwala. What can I say? Is he making fun of himself or the producers investing money for the junk he conceives? The stupidity of the concept is the first bullet to pierce you and before you can get out of the mental trauma, Saif Ali Khan comes with expressions that reminded me of monkeys (well he was supposed to act like dogs). When I saw some guys laughing at the gimmicks they showed on screen, the sincere feeling inside my mind was sympathy.

Saif Ali Khan is terrible in his role. Ritesh Deshmukh is quite used to do this stupid hero’s friend character. Don’t know what prompted Ram Kapoor to opt this madness, but luckily he wasn’t annoying. Well the three ladies are just there as showcase pieces. Tamannaah is always in miniskirts as if the director was quite sure about the fact that nobody is going to look at her expressions.

Sajid Khan’s direction is unique. He cracks jokes at the most inappropriate time. Nothing much there to be referred as a screenplay. Some of the counter dialogs made me laugh as I finally managed to get into that zone of zero sensibility. Ordinary music from Himesh Reshammiya with new singers for his music. The quintessential feature of a Sajid Khan movie – a multi starrer dance in a mansion with everyone wearing their night dresses – is also there. World’s simplest dance steps are used by the choreographer. The triple role of three in the climax was conceived nicely by the visual effects team.

To conclude, Humshakals is strictly not recommended. The rating is a generous 1/5 for this Sajid Khan movie. Just watch the trailer, I think that will help you to know whether it will work for you or not.

Final Thoughts


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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