Finally ASURAVITHU got released at Calicut this Friday and I watched it today with a 70% audience. Well without doubt I can say that its a lame movie. A poor storyline accompanied by pathetic technical backup and screenplay. A Don movie is supposed to be stylish. But ASURAVITHU failed miserably in that department. Director has tried many things to give it a stylish look, but technically it couldnt impress the viewers.

The movie is somewhat a sequel to AK Sajan’s first directorial venture STOP VIOLENCE. Asif Ali plays the role of Don Bosco, Son of Saathan ( Prithviraj’s role in stop violence). As his mother dont want to see her son to become another gunda don like his father, she leaves him at an orphanage when he is a baby. But Don Bosco eventually becomes a don through circumstances and his deeds are the content of the movie. There is anything fresh about the content. The first half of the movie is somewhat enjoyable. Because there are some romance sequences. And the man who stole the show was BABURAJ. His role as the spiritual head of Don Bosco was very very impressive.

But in the second half the movie becomes a tiring watch. Don Bosco becomes a real don, A series of Mafia fights. Attempts to show Don Bosco (now Don Daveed) as a very humane man. All those made it a test of patience. It was almost like watching some Don style Telugu movie. I think around ten times the director might have displayed the word DON on the screen. Overdose is always a bore.

In the acting side, Asif’s Don Bosco avatar was convincing, but as Don Daveed I felt he couldnt contain the character. At times his dialog delivery was also out of sync (can also blame the dialogs for that). Samvritha played her Bubbly character neatly. Lena also did her job as Don Bosco’s Mother. Baburaj excelled in his priest avatar. Siddiq’s role was an absolute waste (an actor of his caliber was not necessory). Vijayaraghavan did the role of Abba. Among the young guns some where impressive, some where pathetic.

AK Sajan, who is known for his suspense thriller scripts has delivered a big disappointment in the form of ASURAVITHU. Story,screenplay and dialogs were below standard. Other technical aspects were also just OK. I am not a big fan of Amal Neerad as he carries the blame of copying from Hollywood. But after watching ASURAVITHU which was supposed to be stylish, I think we can appreciate Amal Neerad. Because delivering style with perfection, even if it is a copied one is a tough task.
My rating for AK Sajan’s ASURAVITHU is 1.5/5. BGM’s cant make a movie stylish.

Final Thoughts

Without doubt I can say that its a lame movie. A poor storyline accompanied by pathetic technical backup and screenplay.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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