PLAYERS the new year release from Bollywood starring Abhishek Bachchan, Neil Nithin Mukesh, Boby Deol, Sikandhar Kher, Omi Vaidhya, Bipasha Basu, Sonam Kapoor along with Vinod Khanna is a typical Abbas Mustan movie which goes on Twisting. The movie is the remake of “The Italian Job” released in 2003.

About the movie, well as you might have seen the trailer its about a gang of people going to Russia to rob a huge amount of Gold. The story moves on with betrayal, action and a series of twists. The gadgets and tactics used in the movie are a little too much in my view. I am not going to describe about the movie as it is supposed to be a thriller. In the making side the screenplay at the beginning of the movie is really really bad. The screenplay wasnt having any kind of smoothness. Unwanted songs, Exaggerated introduction of characters made it a tiring watch. But towards the intermission the movie slowly picked up and ended up in a typical Abbas Mustan style.

After a relatively Dull first half second half was engaging with some descent comedies from Omi Vaidhya (Chathur) and a speedy screenplay. As it was an Abbas Mustan movie, I was sure that there will be some twists in the second half. But there was too many twists. Some of you will find that a little annoying. There were some poor jokes from Jhony Lever in the second half. The direction is good but the script is poor. Songs arent that catchy. Cinematography is really good.

In the performance side, Abhishek Bachchan delivered a descent performance. Bipasha again got a stereo type role from Abbas- Mustan. Sonam was just okey. She needs to improve her dancing skills. Boby Deol was good in his short span role. Omi Vaidhya did it neatly with his small jokes in the second half. Sikandhar Kher also was good. But for me the real star of PLAYERS was Neil Nithin Mukesh. Really impressive performance. This performance will surely give him a new range of roles.

Over all PLAYERS is a typical Abbas- Mustan movie with glamor shows of heroines, betrayal, twists, chases, explosions etc. Its not a boring film. If you are a big fan of films like RACE, you will surely like this one. Some may regret the time they spent for watching this one and some may feel it as an impressive one. For me its an average one time watch.
My rating is 2.5/5

Final Thoughts

Over all PLAYERS is a typical Abbas- Mustan movie with glamor shows of heroines, betrayal, twists, chases, explosions etc.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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