Avatharam directed by veteran film maker Joshiy is a time travelling experience. A story that can be considered as a castle of cliche is made in a ridiculously funny way and the kind of fun it offers is from the audience comments rather than the film’s irritating content. Except for the good cinematography and fairly good music, there is absolutely nothing in this movie to entertain any category of audience.

The film focuses on the life of a mechanical engineering graduate Madhavan Mahadevan who is in Ernakulam town to accompany his sister in law after the demise of his brother in an accident. The more he goes behind the death of his brother, Madhavan finds alarming facts about that mysterious death and the story of Avatharam focuses on the investigation done by Madhavan to find out the guys who were behind this act.

The first half of the script is annoyingly dull and it can’t even produce the typical fun which we get to see in a Dileep movie. Second half is the most active, sloppy and hilarious part. The film goes in to that Shankar cinema mode where the hero is making some mind ‘BLOWING’ tactical moves to hunt down each individual involved in the crime. An outdated script and a clichéd making is the villain of the movie. The entire movie is easily predictable as it has taken every element from movies which we used to see in Joshiy Shaji Kailas films released 10 or 15 years ago. The romance looked absolutely amateurish and people where howling when Madhavan proposed Manimekhala (yup! Weird name). Sijoy Varghese’s ACP character looks idiotic because of the kind of dialogues given to the character. All those serial killings, flashbacks filled with done to death dialogues are just a different type of torture for the viewer.

In terms of acting there were moments where even Dileep couldn’t perform well. Lakshmi Menon has done her part nicely. Shammi Thilakan was good playing his conventional villain’s aid cop. Joy Mathew disappointed. In the calm shades of the character Sijoy Varghese was good but he was a failure when the ACP started shouting. All the actors/characters we used to see in a Joshiy film is there with an underwhelming performance.

Joshiy should do some research to understand the new audience before choosing these kind of scripts. I felt really bad when people started to direct this movie sitting in the balcony. Script would have worked if it was made 10 years back. I don’t know how many times I have used the word cliché in this review, but the Avatharam script can be declared as a synonym for that word. Unappealing dialogues, no humour, over the top sentiments and an unconvincing romance are the ingredients of the script. R D Rajasekhar’s cinematography was good and the tunes of Deepak Dev also worked for me – but I must say that it was that usual Deepak Dev song. Edits are just okay and the visual effects were poor.

Overall, Avatharam was a hugely disappointing experience for me. Admirers of Joshiy will feel sad after watching this trashy stuff written by Vyasan Edavanakkad. My rating is 1.5/5 for Dileep’s Avatharam. In one scene Dileep even tried a Rajnikanth number with Goli Soda! (Thalaivar did it with guns) Madhava Mahadeva!

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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