When compared to the other Hercules flicks which released in the recent past, the Dwayne Johnson version of the movie is much more entertaining. Even though it slips in to that dark shades which doesn’t work much on the half God half Human side of the mighty man, the kind of fun it gives the viewer as it marches towards its final war makes this movie an enjoyable one.

The story focuses on the mortal life of Hercules after having all his personal loses. Lord Cotys’s daughter approaches Hercules seeking help from him in fighting against warlord Rheseus. How Hercules helps them in this battle and the back stories that get revealed after the battle is what the film focusing on.

As I said, the movie is more entertaining in terms of ingredients. Instead of focusing on the rise of Hercules, the makers have concentrated on something that uses the Hercules who is now a legend. That kind of plot sets up the stage for a mass masala hero which we are used to see in Indian films and the introduction of the character just made me think that whether Hollywood has tried to make a masala item using Hercules. But it wasn’t that peripheral and the movie smoothly establishes Hercules and his past. It had some jitters as the hunk Hercules looked a bit unreal on those first half emotional sequences. The story really picks up in the second half in terms of speed and excitement. We get to see some good humor, nicely choreographed action sequences that will make you whistle for Hercules.

Dwayne Johnson does well in terms of physique but he was a bit under the bar when it came to some emotional acting in the first half. The actor who made my day was Mr. Ian MacShane with his comic timing. The search for his moment was really funny and the narrative that came from the character also had this witty feel. Rest of the cast was good in their characters.

Direction from Brett Ratner is okay. He couldn’t add fire in the treatment at the beginning, but the aggression that came towards the end was more than enough to make things entertaining. Script succeeded in making things look fast and also in adding humor in to the story. Cinematography was good. Quality visual effects and BGM.

Overall Hercules is an enjoyable film that has entertainment that will surely please you. My rating for this Dwayne Johnson show is 3/5.

Final Thoughts


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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